We are into 2014-15 school year, and as a parent of a 1st grader at Holland Hill Elementary School, I'm still stunned with last spring's budget process. I'm writing to express my complete and utter dismay with three of my RTM representatives -- Republicans Kathryn Braun, Thomas McCarthy and Jeffrey Melaragno -- who voted to cut the school budget despite many emails to the contrary.

That and other recent cuts to education, such as the reduction of world language and music programs, shows a lack of support for maintaining quality education in our town. This downward trend is deeply alarming to me. I want my kids to have the same quality of education that was offered when I committed a substantial portion of my net worth by investing in and making Fairfield my home.

At the same time, our Republican state representatives in Hartford -- Brenda Kupchick, 132nd District, and Tony Hwang, 134th -- voted to cut necessary funding to programs that benefit the entire state, including Metro North. What were they thinking? Are the commuters in Fairfield aware of this? Thankfully their votes were in the minority.

Seeing other letters in the paper about Republicans ignoring the will of the people, I know I'm not alone with my extreme disappointment and goal for 2015. Let's make sure that Fairfield stays a great place to live and learn. The only way to make this happen is to vote these representatives out of office and vote in pro-education and pro-town candidates instead.

Tatiana Roshenets