Join me in voting for Cristin McCarthy Vahey for state representative in the 133rd District. Cristin has worked for the citizens of Fairfield since she moved here with her family. I served with Cristin on the RTM, where she was always fully prepared to evaluate, discuss and decide an issue.

She has continued her public service as a member of the Board of Selectmen. I have seen her vote her conscience despite enormous pressure to take the more popular position.

Her University of Notre Dame education has served her well in considering all sides of an issue with relevant facts and circumstances. I haven't agreed with every vote, but I have nothing but respect for the consideration and evaluation given to arrive at her decision. Her experience as a master's level social worker has prepared her for the tough choices every elected official must make.

I trust Cristin McCarthy Vahey to represent the citizens of the 133rd. She will study the issues, consider citizen input and build consensus to pass bills into law. She is a person who considers the long-term interests of her constituents. Cristin's votes reflect her commitment to public service over self service. She tempers her generous spirit with a healthy dose of fiscal reality to make compassionate responsible decisions. I am proud to vote for Cristin McCarthy Vahey for the Connecticut House of Representatives from the 133rd District.

Helen D'Avanzo