I support of Cristin McCarthy Vahey, endorsed Democratic candidate for state representative for the 133rd District.

Many have written about Cristin's stellar qualifications for the job and her dedication to her constituents.

I am not a constituent of the 133rd, but Cristin has always been there to help me.

I met Cristin about six years ago when I joined the Democratic Town Committee. She was one of the first people to come up and greet me.

She led the committee's town-campaign effort that year, and it was inspiring to see how she could inspire people.

In the years that have followed, I have watched Cristin emerge as a true leader in our party. Her success is due to many factors, but I believe foremost among them are her abilities to listen and learn the concerns of Fairfield's citizens and to act to put in place plans to address those concerns.

As busy as she is, however, raising her family and fulfilling her many duties as selectman, I have never heard Cristin say she is too busy.

She really cares, and it shows.

Cristin McCarthy Vahey will make us proud. Please help send her to Hartford by casting your vote in the Democratic Primary on Tuesday, Aug. 12.

Marilyn Miller