As an RTM member, my decision earlier this month to vote for the presented town budget was simple: I felt comfortable and confident that the budget was best for our town.

Since our revenue from the state was reduced after the budget was finalized by the Board of Finance, I felt that reductions in our town services should be determined by our first selectman, not 40 different RTM members offering 40 different solutions.

Phil Dwyer, BOE chairman, had publicly stated on multiple occasions before the budget was passed that the Board of Education was willing to work with the town to help the town meet its budget. I assume that other individuals financially responsible for different town departments will follow Mr. Dwyer's efforts to balance the budget.

Working together, our budget will need to be examined not just for this year, but for many years to come in order to put Fairfield in a financially stable situation.

Alex Durrell

District 3 member

Fairfield Representative Town Meeting