Some in contemporary psychology define the "Dark Triad" as a continuum that identifies the three personality disorders of narcissism/Machiavellianism/psychopathy in a progressive fashion from mildest to most severe. Narcissism operates on its own spectrum while the others are pretty much dichotomous (you either are or you aren't).

Characteristics in varying degrees common to all three include a sense of entitlement, a grandiose and total focus on self, lack of empathy, a need for power and control, manipulative, a de-valuation of others all usually encased in a charismatic personality. A base level distinction has Machiavellians driven by a power lust and psychopaths totally devoid of conscience and empathy.

Watching Mr. Weiner's unrepentant non-apology this week, followed by the ritually, now-routine humiliation of the dutiful wife who tearfully tells us that they are committed to counseling and have resolved these disgraceful episodes and have agreed to move forward with the marriage, caused me to reflect not only on the aberrant mayoral aspirant, but on the nature and integrity of those who seek to represent us.

Anthony Weiner is but one of the club who, when their miscreant behavior is exposed, have no problem dragging a suffering spouse into the glare of lights, cameras and sometimes hostile questions on an international stage, to be publicly interrogated and embarrassed while attempting legitimize the integrity of the marriage. Anthony does, however, unlike Spitzer, Vitter and Larry "Wide Stance" Craig to name but a few, have the unenviable distinction of forcing a double dose of humiliation on wife Huma.

So the compelling question is, as a two-time loser, has Mr. Weiner graduated from full-on narcissism in the Donald Trump and mainstream politician mold, to the Machiavellian or psychopathic level outlined in the Dark Triad?

Doug Prescott