We still haven't paid off the $5 million spent on the Penfield Beach pavilion built in 2011. How could we be talking about spending another $4.5 million. Even a child would know that's crazy.

The current plans for the pavilion raise many difficult questions and much uncertainty.

Yes, we need to do something. But what do Fairfield people really want? I'm think the majority don't care about lockers and a big clubhouse. All they really want are nice bathrooms, a snack bar and an open air pavilion to picnic under. Does building another I-95-rest-stop-style building help our property values and town image?

Lets have a Connsecticut architect competition to design something that will enrich our town. And then put the top three up for a town referendum vote. It's still a democracy and doesn't have to be a bureaucracy where government spends more then we have for something we don't want.

Together we should decide how to spend our hard-earned tax dollars.

Bill Auer