In case you hadn’t noticed (or had the cops called on you for entering the water at the far west end — bordering the Fairfield Beach Club — compliments of a Draconian “one-time-warning” Fairfield Parks and Recreation Commission rule) Jennings Beach shrunk 20 percent during the summer of 2015. The poorly (barely) marked, section was reserved for boats only — no swimming allowed — even during a 92-degree heat wave!

How many boats actually use this west end area no one seems to know and Parks and Rec Director Gerald Lombardo isn’t saying. Jennings Beach already has a boat launch area at the east end! Yet bathers had to walk at least 20 yards to their left, leaving their valuables, etc., to accommodate non-existing or one-per day boaters.

But wait there’s more … I mean there’s less! During Labor Day weekend, one of the busiest beach days of the season, an additional 20 percent of Jennings Beach was designated a “no swimming” area to make room for more non-existing, invisible boats. Almost one-half of the swimming/bathing/wading area of Jennings Beach disappeared!

Closing to resident swimmers one of Fairfield’s most valued, treasured swimming areas during a summer when attendance at Jennings increased due to the closing of Penfield Pavilion makes no sense. Does Jennings Beach need two boat launch areas and less swim areas? Penfield gets by just fine with only one boat launch area!

Parks and Rec needs to explain to residents before another “no swimming “ area appears in 2016!

L. Poin