My name is Anthony Calabrese, and I'm running for Town Plan and Zoning Commission. Many of you have seen me around town at the youth sporting events or working for the town's Parks and Recreation Department. I have lived in Fairfield for 10 years, and I have three children. My oldest has just begun kindergarten at North Stratfield School.

While I go door to door campaigning, many of the same issues come up. As a commissioner on the TPZ (the writer was appointed to fill a vacancy, not elected -- editor), I know that there is only so much that can be changed at one time. Sometimes our hands are unfortunately tied by current rules and regulations. I'm not going to make any promises of changing the world, however, I will promise you this: I will work hard to see that Fairfield is the best community to live in. I promise that no matter what the issue in front of me is, I will ask the tough questions. Those who are closest to me and those who have had the opportunity to work with me can attest to my passion and love of Fairfield. I am looking forward to the opportunity to continue serving the town of Fairfield. I hope I can count on you to come out to support me on Nov. 5.

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Anthony Calabrese