Letter to the Editor: Brown is working hard for Fairfield

Brown is working hard for Fairfield

I’m writing to urge my neighbors to vote for Christine Brown for RTM in District 9. Here’s why: I got to know Christine serving as co-leaders for the past four years in Fairfield’s Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America. If you don’t know this group, we’re working for common sense gun legislation at the local, state and federal levels. We also educate about safe storage of firearms in the home, preventing suicide and domestic violence. Through Christine’s work with our data tools we were able to grow our Fairfield group from a startup to thousands of supporters.

We became friends while volunteering and I can vouch for her level-headed capacity to listen to different points of view, do her research and make informed decisions. A clear communicator without any pre-conceived agenda, Christine will add value straightaway.

Christine knows this town, residing, working and involved in St. Paul’s Episcopal Church in Fairfield for 24 years and serving as PTA president at Fairfield Woods and as VP at Jennings, her two children educated in our public schools.

We need more trustworthy representatives with integrity to make sure our community thrives. With her actions (beyond talk) Christine is already working hard for Fairfield. Your neighbors are voting for Christine Brown and I hope you will, too.

Rachel Dreyfus, Fairfield