Letter to the Editor: Celebrating Chanukah and Christmas together

Celebrating Chanukah and Christmas together

I grew up in our wonderful town of Fairfield, Conn. and I’ve seen many changes. Some I’ve been happy about; others I’ve questioned. This one blew my socks off!

A few weeks ago Santa came to the Sherman Green and as fate had it, it was also the first night of Chanukah. It was a cold but still sunny day and the green was packed to the point where the police stopped traffic for a few hours! The Christmas trees were beautifully lit up and for the first time in years there was also a beautiful inflatable menorah for the Chanukah part of the celebration, which was donated by Mr. Al DiGuido who owns Saugatuck Sweet’s Icecream. What really touched me was both the priest and the rabbi at the beginning, together said the combined prayers. I really am proud that we have at last a lovely first selectwoman who knows people and runs our town so well.

This was so much the way both of these holidays should be viewed together because both of them began from a beautiful miracle.

To everyone, peace on Earth, good will to all.

Joanie Davis, Fairfield