Letter to the Editor: Easton never received the sidewalk money

Easton never received the sidewalk money

On the front page of the Oct. 1 Fairfield Citizen, Easton First Selectman Bindelglass is reported as saying that he is “particularly saddened” by the fact that the town will have to give back the one million dollars that it had received from the state for the Sport Hill sidewalk project. This is blatantly untrue. On 10/5/21 Easton comptroller and town treasurer Christine Calvert verified that “The town did not receive any funds.”

This is just another example of the first selectman's misstatements regarding this proposed, now defeated, sidewalk project that began with his misworded advisory question on the March 30 town-wide referendum. We hope that in the future our first selectman might pay more attention to the accuracy of what he says.

Grant Monsarrat, Easton