Letter to the Editor: Encourage high school students to send letters

Encourage high school students to send letters

When I was young and a freshman in high school, I wrote my first letter to the editor of our local daily.

My mother asked what I was doing writing a letter to the editor. I was too young, she said, besides, I had no idea; I knew nothing about the subject of my letter.

At that point, I thought my mother was too busy with her work, boiling water for the wash, washing all the clothing that we kids dirtied and then some, the job of hanging it all out with clothespin on the line strung by pulleys from a side bedroom window to an old tree some distance away to have had and to have taken the time to read the newspaper. But, that's something she did at night, read the Daily Journal, before kneeling to say her prayers, before dropping into bed to wait for her husband, my father, who was to be home soon, near midnight, from the textile factory where he worked as a warp tier.

And, now, as a former teacher, I urge local high school students to write letters to the editor. Let their English teachers encourage the practice. Let them critique the exercises, and have them write, again and again.

Lets see their letters in print. Let them accept the feedback. Let them read their critics.

Gerard Coulombe, Fairfield