Letter to the Editor: Fairfield needs to change how it polices its streets

Fairfield needs to change how it polices its streets

Three forums now in just two months in Fairfield on the unsolved problem of young kids from other cities stealing cars in our town. The forums were partisan in nature. Two forums were run by different local factions of the local Republican party and the most recent forum by the local Democrats. We already knew the two parties differ on how to address the issue.

To say that the forums were redundant back and forth by the different sides is an understatement. To say that the panelists talked past each other is an easy observation. This coming year, 2022, is an election year for all of the sponsors don't you know?

And, of course, what is missing from all of the forums is is the promise of a change, right now, in Fairfield’s police patrol strategy out on the streets. That change doesn’t have to wait for the next state election — or a change in the way the state does criminal justice business. That change has to come from the top of our local town government with a buy in from the ever persistent police union and its demands for autonomy. Looking for that police union endorsement, as the forum sponsors are, won't solve the problem.

Police patrols really can prevent and deter crime but only when local town government leaders make it priority number one — and accountability number one — and does so while respecting and defending our state and local constitutions.

Reward the outcomes of police activity and not the intensity of the activity itself, if you catch my drift.

Jim Brown, Fairfield