Letter to the Editor: Kupchick shouldn’t disparage Democrats

Kupchick shouldn’t disparage Democrats

I am writing this letter to address First Selectwoman Brenda Kupchiks disparagement of Fairfield’s Democrats. This was a disgusting display of partisan politics written by a woman who thinks of herself as the leader for everyone in Fairfield. It is unbecoming for a person in her position to pen an article that is so vicious and insulting. If she thinks bringing up Mike Tetrau every time she wants to make a point is constructive, she is mistaken.

There were many Democrats who were appalled by Mike Tetrau’s handling of the fill pile situation and crossed over parties to vote for Brenda. This language is divisive and dangerous and should not be used by the leader of Fairfield.

Perhaps she should have considered this before she spoke with such partisan rancor.

Ms. Kupchick quoted Thomas Jefferson stating “the government you elect is the government you get.” Now that is the truth! This is the government we have gotten and it is not good.

Cindy Wapnitsky, Fairfield