Thanks to Good Samaritans

To the Editor:

I would like to give a shout-out to the four Good Samaritans and fellow boaters who helped me in a time of need following last Sunday’s storm. I had been kayaking prior to the second, and more powerful, storm of that afternoon. When I saw the dark clouds approaching, I paddled up to the boat access area of Jennings Beach, pulled my kayak to what I thought was a safe enough distance from the shore, and ran for shelter to the sail house, from which spot I could not see my kayak.

After the storm, I discovered that the fierce winds had blown my kayak back into the water, and it had floated too far out for me to swim to and retrieve. One of my fellow shelter-takers, Rick, suggested I run over to the marina and see if any motor boats were going out again — something that would not have occurred to me. He stayed and kept an eye on my kayak, which kept floating slowly farther away. I finally found three people going out — Jason, Rainbow and Trish — and they told me not to worry, they’d get my boat and bring it back to Jennings, which they did. Since it was low tide, as the motorboat approached the shore, I walked out toward it, and Rainbow jumped in the water and walked the kayak toward me. I think it’s fitting that the person who handed my kayak back to me after the storm was Rainbow!

I thanked all four of them — Rick, Rainbow, Jason and Trish — but feel they deserve some public recognition. They did more than retrieve my kayak; they refreshed my faith in the human family. At the risk of sounding hokey, how wonderful would it be if all the types of storms we seem to be weathering these days inspired the kind of generous and friendly helpfulness from strangers I experienced last Sunday!

Stephanie Carrow