Letter to the Editor: We should have the Memorial Day parade

We should have the Memorial Day parade

I think we should still have a Memorial Day parade. You might be thinking “Hello, people could get sick!” But wait to read through my whole piece. One reason is the parade is outside. For example, if we are outside and are still socially distancing and wearing a mask it’s less likely for someone to get Covid.

Another reason is that a lot of people are less likely to get sick. For example, a lot of people are already vaccinated so it is way less likely that people will get Covid.

My third reason is that instead of going with a lot of people, we could just go in smaller groups of 2 to 4 people. For example, you go with family friends.They could make their own floats together and ride together!

My last reason is that the Memorial Day parade is one of the town’s biggest and one of the best events in Fairfield. For example, a lot of people look forward to it, and since we didn’t have the parade last year, this year people will want a parade even more. Another example is, I asked a survey to my family and they all said “Yes, we should have a Memorial Day parade!”

Overall, I hope I convinced you into having a Memorial Day parade. I hope you will consider my reasons, otherwise I would be really disappointed.

Reed Thomas, Grade 3, Roger Sherman Elementary School