Letter to the Editor: Working to improve road safety

Working to improve road safety

My name is Sarah Roy, and I’m the new chair of Fairfield’s Bicycle and Pedestrian Committee (FBPC). I’ve been on FBPC for one year and have been a road safety advocate for 5 years, working with town leaders to install fog lines and a new section of sidewalk on Wilson Street, and a “Slow Streets” pilot program during the pandemic. I hope these experiences will help me lead FBPC.

As 2022 approaches, FBPC intends to work with town leaders and you, our community, towards new opportunities for safer street infrastructure, expanded pedestrian and cyclist advocacy, and education around safe driving practices. Our dedicated FBPC volunteers are hard at work planning initiatives for Fairfield. Some recent ones include:

A comprehensive safety tips sheet for motorists, walkers & cyclists

Three designated bike routes

Three bicycle repair stations

New sidewalk on Wilson Street

New sidewalk at Lincoln Park

Some currently underway include:

World Day of Remembrance event to Honor Victims of Traffic Violence on Nov. 21

A fourth designated bike route (TBA)

New signage educating motorists about their road-sharing responsibilities

Social media safety campaign in partnership with Fairfield Health Department

New adult and children educational programming

This is just the start of what we’re looking to accomplish, and these initiatives are only possible through your involvement! We welcome your input regarding walking and bicycling safety issues in town. We invite you to attend our meetings the third Thursday of each month (visit fairfieldct.org/bikeped for schedule), or email us at bikewalkrun.fairfield.ct@gmail.com.

Periodically, we have committee openings for Fairfielders who are passionate about FBPC goals and may wish to join. Please let us know if you’re interested and we’ll keep you in mind when opportunities arise! Even when openings aren’t available, we always appreciate your input.

What matters most in FBPC’s efforts is that our vulnerable road users — children, seniors, and people with disabilities — feel safe and welcomed to explore our streets by foot, bike, or however they get around. I’m excited to lead FBPC and look forward to working with you to make Fairfield’s streets safer for all users.

Sarah Roy, Fairfield