Letter to the editor: An open letter of thanks about the housing proposal

An open letter of thanks about the housing proposal

Thank you to the Fairfield Town, Planning and Zoning Commission for their decision at the special session on December 8th concerning the proposed project at 131 Beach Road. The effort and careful consideration by the Commission of all the evidence that went into modifying the proposed development was impressive and courageous given the history of legal challenges to 8-30g developments in Connecticut.

Again, we welcome affordable housing but, as the Commission recognized, the proposed building was simply too tall for such a small parcel and according to the Commission would have had an adverse effect on the local Historic District.

We also believe, as does the Commission, that safety is an important factor for all developments in Fairfield and the requirement to improve “line of sight” for the tenants and the general public was very well articulated. Old Post Road Area Association reiterates our stance that surrendering six public parking spaces to improve the line of sight for the development should be denied by the Police Commission.

A personal and sincere “thank you” to Senator Tony Hwang who spoke at one of the many sessions of the public hearing. Senator’s Hwang’s passion and concern for Fairfield was clearly evident during his testimony. Beyond making a very passionate plea to the Commissioners, Senator Hwang stayed in regular contact with the neighbors to see if there was anything else he could do. He is a hard working, true representative for our district.

To Commissioner Tom Noonan: Thank you for your comprehensive and detailed presentation on this subject. Clearly your words were well researched, citing case law and precedent. Mr. Noonan, thank you from the Old Post Road Area Association and the neighborhood! Excellent job!

To Chairman Matthew Wagner: we understand the burden this posed to you and your Commissioners and we applaud the thoughtful, hard work that went into a very difficult decision. We believe you achieved a fair and equitable outcome for the Developer, the Town of Fairfield and the Historic District.

Walt Shaw

OPRAA, Treasurer