Letter to the editor: Gaslighting at its finest

Gaslighting at its finest

In response to the recent Letter to the Editor titled: "A need for change following fill pile arrests", let me say this....

That happens to be the most ridiculous LTE I have seen to date. Really, this tops the cake. When you look up temerity in the dictionary you will see pictures of those who signed this and were in office when it took place.

Let's start with this shall we?

John Mitola and Sheila Marmion were on the Board of Finance when this took place and in fact Sheila was a Selectwoiman alongside Mike Tetreau while this was going on.

Jill Vegara has been an RTM member since 2015

Karen Wackerman has been on the RTM since 2015 and when she was a member of the PHS committee on the RTM she didn't support a motion to go to the police to launch a criminal investigation into this matter!

And today both are leaders on the RTM

Nancy ran alongside Mike as his Selectwoman

All the people listed above campaigned, supported and or endorsed Mike Tereau for reelection

This really is audacity at its finest, and now they want transparency? You were the ones minding the store when this took place, and now, me along with the rest of the residents and taxpayers of this town have to clean up your mess while all of you were asleep at the wheel! You should all do us a favor and resign immediately for negligence of duty!

This is gaslighting at its finest,

Gerry Alessi, Fairfield CT