On teachers pensions, neither of us are wrong

To the editor:

For as long as Jim Brown is allowed to campaign in local Hearst newspapers about the injustices of teachers having an exorbitant pension plan, teachers like me ought to be able to respond or complain about Jim, as well. And we have been.

Jim is a constant cymbal who announces the perils of the teachers’ retirement plan. I cannot convince him to stop any more than I could convince like-minded citizens and friends in the past where I taught, that complained as they might or wished. as forcefully as they could. The system is not about to fold unless the state, itself, folds, and still, there would the obligations, and by that time we would all, certainly, be dead.

I do not know how old Jim is, but I’m 87, and those whom I knew to have met over Jim’s cause, years ago, have passed — probably to object over the low bar for admission into heaven, in their case, being that they were all “holier than thou,” as was I , in this case.

The only people who are responsible for the “affair” of the State Teachers’ Pension Plan are those members of the Legislature and Senate who incrementally failed to fully fund the pension plan. If there are to be culprits, these are the ones.

So, I offer an olive branch to Mr. Jones in order to end his and my tirades. Neither one of us is wrong. The state mismanaged the whole thing, maybe, hoping to make ends meet, maybe not.

Should we abandon the plan now? No, no. No! Stop raiding the pension fund by underfunding it, and keep your fingers crossed that people in Hartford can be above board, funding it, now and into the future.

Gerard Coulombe