Letter to the editor: Task force aims to address racial biases

Task force aims to address racial biases

So many of these groups and classes are popping up about systemic racism and diversity. Ms. Lynch and Ms. Lefkowitz's plan to do some research. I’d love to read a follow-up on their research, and their sources.

There are racial injustices everywhere, not just experienced by people of color, although it makes better fodder for main stream media. People of color speak out loudly and act out, usually by means of rioting. If one doesn't see and hear about it, they are living in a cave.

In the blueprint for “a racial injustice and equity plan” be sure to include the blatant, ubiquitous and hurtful anti-Semitic attacks on Jewish students, that are routinely ignored in main stream media and Liberal-run news publications.

I read about this almost daily from Jewish publications and organizations, namely CAMERA, the Jewish Press, Algemeiner, Stand With Us, #End Jew Hatred, and Resisting Anti-Semitism.com. just to name a few sources. Hopefully, with this education, by the time your children get to college, they won’t be attacking Jewish students and Israel but will be practicing the new ‘inclusivity’.

Best of luck with the project. If you need input, I would be more than happy to help.

Emily Winters, Fairfield