Endorses Farnen

To the Editor:

It's with a great deal of excitement that I support my friend Brian Farnen for State Representative, 132nd district in the upcoming special election taking place on Jan. 14.

Energetic, compassionate, smart and balanced, Brian would bring a considerable amount of experience to Harford. As a leader in green energy and the environment, professionally, Brian works with many different stakeholders and groups to reach a consensus and to reach similar goals -- values that are important during complex times for our State. As a member of the Representative Town Meeting, Brian consistently brings a bi-partisan and balanced approach to governance, always putting people — not politics — first.

Brian is a fresh voice who will continue First Selectwoman Brenda Kupchick's work in the General Assembly and will carry on her altruistic values. I am pleased to be supporting him and I hope you will too.

Helene Daly


Why I support Leeper

To the Editor:

If you live in the 132nd District (if you vote at RLHS, Mill Hill or Sherman ES, I’m likely talking to you), you’ll have an important choice to make on January 14th; you’ll have the opportunity to elect a State Representative to fill the seat vacated when Brenda Kupchick resigned hers.

I wish I lived in the 132nd so I could vote for Jennifer Leeper … but I don’t, so I hope that if you do, you’ll vote for her. Every single vote counts. I know this to be true, because when I ran for RTM in District 1 in 2017, I only won by 18 of them.

Here’s the thing about Jennifer: she’s qualified, she’s smart, she's thoughtful, she's a hard worker. Jennifer is transparent and straightforward. Jennifer shows up, sleeves up, ready to work. Jennifer formulates a plan and she executes on it. Jennifer wants to solve problems, not win debates. Jennifer wants to move Fairfield forward; she is solution oriented. Jennifer does her homework. Jennifer is a consensus builder. Jennifer is serious … but not too serious. Serious when it matters. She’s serious about job growth and good governance and improving transportation.

Jennifer has a proven track record of success as an elected member of our Board of Education. Jennifer is a mom of two young boys; she's been advocating for our schools, our teachers and our students before hers were even in the school system.

Jennifer is nice and she's grounded, she's fair and she doesn’t pull punches.

Jennifer will be a strong voice for the 132nd and for us all.

Please vote for Jennifer Leeper on January 14th ... for the well-being of your District and all of Fairfield.

Nancy Lefkowitz



Vote for Leeper

To the Editor:

I wholeheartedly support Jennifer Leeper for State Representative for the 132nd District in Fairfield and Southport. I’m writing to urge others to join me in voting for her in the upcoming special election on January 14th.

Jenn comes from a family tradition of public service and it shows. She believes in the power of government to make a positive difference in people's everyday lives. I've seen her on the campaign trail and she doesn't just talk, she listens to voters, regardless of their political stripe or ideology.

On our town’s Board of Education and throughout her career, Jenn has worked tirelessly and constructively as a champion for education. She founded and chairs the Board's Finance Committee, and she stands up for teachers, enhanced STEM programming, and fiscal responsibility. If elected, she is committed to strengthening education, improving our rail se rvice and infrastructure, and creating jobs. Ideas that she is passionate about — such as loan forgiveness programs to help keep top Connecticut college grads here in Connecticut — are long overdue.

Jenn is one of the people who inspired me to serve our town through public office, and I am proud to endorse her to be our next representative in Hartford!

Lenny Braman


Fairfield Town Plan & Zoning Commission