I saw my state representative today, and it was very good to see Tony Hwang as he walked door-to-door in our neighborhood.

I want to emphasize my appreciation for his efforts to help me believe again in politics.

Today, voters have become suspicious of political candidates and question their motives. Voters don't feel as though their voice is being heard. Voters usually feel that a person running for office is doing so for personal gain.

Despite all of this, last year I wrote to our elected officials in Hartford about my displeasure with the state's position on education. I've always felt strongly that teachers should be held accountable for their work and not hide behind the union and its collective bargaining agreements.

Of all of my emails sent to Hartford, and there were many, most responses were disingenuous with a generic "thank you." However, Rep. Hwang was different, refreshingly positive and engaging.

Rep. Hwang called me and spent time with me in a thought-provoking dialogue ranging from: education and the complexities of teacher evaluation and tenure; how business is done in Hartford; the state of the state, and his passionate belief in politics and responsibilities of representative legislators working for its citizens.

I felt extremely encouraged about the process that I have had heavy doubts about. I have been beaten down by politicians that believe in "Government for the people, BUY the people." I felt that a politician would say just about anything to get into office and then forget every word. And I have become very bitter because of all of the political mud slinging.

However, Rep. Hwang gave me renewed vigor about his pursuit of a commonsense approach that is needed in Hartford. I share Hwang's no nonsense approaches to the critical issues impacting our state. I appreciate his going door to door in the summer heat, responding to emails with phone calls, and making me feel like my time mattered to him.

As a small business owner, I struggle with the economy,and with businesses leaving the state and/or down-sizing. I'm not exactly sure what the state's stance is going to be on small businesses. But knowing that Rep. Hwang is also a businessman and a voice for me in Hartford, I feel like I have a fighting chance to grow my 12-year-old computer consulting business for many more years.

Again, thank you Tony Hwang for making me feel as though my vote matters and my voice can be sincerely heard.

Jim Zygmont



When electing a state representative, actions are more important than words or promises. I am pleased to have a state representative with a proven track record of fighting for the people in our town. Brenda Kupchick is my representative, and I have had the honor of both knowing and working beside her on the Fairfield RTM for a number of years.

She is both dedicated and committed to Fairfield. Brenda has worked tirelessly to learn, understand and advocate for the issues facing our community. She has brought this same dedication and enthusiasm to Hartford to make our voices and issues heard. These are challenging times for many families, and Brenda understands that, having raised a child in Fairfield and owning a small family business here.

I am supporting Brenda Kupchick in her re-election as my state representative, and I hope you will join me as well.

Bryan LeClerc



State Rep. Tony Hwang of the 134th District in is a passionate leader who works hard for the community. We believe Tony should be re-elected because of his common-sense approach to government that is grounded in fiscal responsibility. Plain and simple: Tony understands that we need to reduce spending in Hartford and ease the tax burden for Fairfield and Trumbull families.

Please join us in supporting Rep. Tony Hwang for re-election, a community-focused leader who is making a difference for taxpayers in our town at the state level.

Eric G. Sundman

Michael D. Herley


The writers are RTM members from District 1.


Sue Brand has dedicated herself to as a public servant in the town of Fairfield in numerous ways over many years. Whether through her tenure on the Board of Education or on the Board of Health, she has a demonstrated record of steadfast attendance and involvement, taking the time to learn the issues, obtaining further information and making informed decisions for the best interests of our town.

With the election nearing it is imperative that we all get to know the candidates and decide which candidate would be the best choice for representing the interests of Fairfield in our state government. Our town, state and country have witnessed significant challenges the last several years and no doubt we will collectively face difficult times and tough choices in the coming years. Such times call for proven leadership and expertise. Sue Brand's experience, including her background in nursing and education, will be significant assets in Hartford to help her lead the way forward and make the right decisions regarding healthcare and education which will be crucial to our long term vitality.

Sue Brand has consistently been willing to take the difficult and sometimes unpopular stands which will also serve her well in being an independent voice that puts constituent's interests at the forefront. I have every confidence that Sue would be an effective and visible member in the House of Representatives. Please join me in backing Sue Brand on Nov. 6.

Kevin J. Lennon



I have known Brenda Kupchick for many years. My father and I have had the pleasure of serving her family and her husband Peter through the decades at our family-owned pharmacy on Black Rock Turnpike.

Brenda Kupchick is the most accessible, hardworking,state representative I have ever encountered. In her first term as Fairfield's Representative of the 132nd district, Brenda has worked diligently with my colleagues and I as well as her other Fairfield constituents on an array of issues.

These past few years have been difficult for many small, family-owned community businesses. The reasons for this have been many, including a slow economy, higher and higher taxes and more government regulations and mandates. The independent community pharmacy business faced these issues and many more.

The current governor and his administration, through union negotiations, proposed limits for state employees on where and who could fill their prescriptions. He proposed out sourcing them to an out-of-state mail-order company. Recognizing this would cost Connecticut jobs and tax revenues, Brenda worked tirelessly across party lines to try to preserve a patient's right to choose the patient's own pharmacist and to keep these prescriptions (read: "jobs and tax revenue") in Connecticut.

I was proud and thankful each time I saw Brenda on TV on the floor of the House championing this cause and many other important issues to the people of the 132nd district.

Being a small-business owner herself Brenda understands the importance of keeping businesses open and viable. Brenda knows these businesses, by and large, are run by people who live in Fairfield and support a vast amount of community activities through their successes. Also, she values each and every job that these stores and shops provide.

For a first time minority representative I was impressed by Brenda's ability to attain recognition and respect in a very partisan legislature. I submit Brenda will be an even more effective voice for Fairfield in a second term. I proudly endorse Brenda Kupchick for state representative in Fairfield's 132nd district.

Craig A. Massaro



We are writing to ask voters in the 134th state House District to re-elect Tony Hwang on Nov. 6th. Tony has been instrumental in improving the lives of commuters in Fairfield. He has written to the Connecticut Department of Transportation urging approval of the canopies over the stairs at the downtown station and the repair of the stairs themselves. Approval has finally been granted and we should have the canopies installed in time for winter weather.

He has shown his concern for small business by writing to the DOT in support of expansion of the Nauti Dolphin and for an increase in the number of permits allotted to Red Dot taxi to serve the town.

In our neighborhood, Tony helped to negotiate a price for mowing of the triangle at Rock Ridge that neighbors pooling their money to beautify the triangle could afford. Tony's constituent service is exemplary. If you ask for his help, he doesn't just say he will help, he does help, and he does it without delay. We are lucky to have him as our representative in the 134th District. Please cast your vote to send Tony Hwang back to Hartford for another term. Thank you.

Mary Kay and Don Frost



There is good news for Connecticut. If you believe that we need an alternative to the policies of the majority leadership in Hartford that has been governing our state for the last several decades, and that the formula for economic recovery is fewer taxes, less spending and more jobs -- then please join me in supporting Chris DeSanctis for State Representative. As a state-certified teacher, a principal and adjunct professor, Chris knows that a highly educated workforce will bring job-creating businesses to Connecticut. It's time to restore balance with responsible leadership in Hartford. Please vote for Chris DeSanctis on Nov. 6.

Joe DeMartino

RTM member, District 4



I have had the opportunity to work with Kim Fawcett on the Select Committee on Children. I am the House chairman, and she is vice-chairman. Kim has worked diligently on the committee to protect our children and families while also embracing results-based accountability to ensure that programs are actually working and we are not wasting taxpayer's hard-earned dollars.

She was an integral part of the working committee that produced the Children's Report Card (www.ctkidsreportcard.org). We were both proud that Connecticut's is the only legislature in the country that has produced a report card tracking the effectiveness of programs for kids.

Kim is committed to accountability and transparency in our budget process and proves it with her insightful questions and work on the committee. She never "rubber stamps" issues, rather she educates herself on all proposed legislation and demands that decisions be data-driven.

Kim always strives to bring common sense solutions to the table. She works hard and expects the people around her to work hard, too. It has been a pleasure to have her as vice-chairman, and I hope that voters will also have the common sense to return her to office

State Rep. Diana Urban, D-43

Chairman, Select

Committee on Children


Kim Fawcett inspires people; Kim Fawcett inspires me. I view Kim as a role model for anyone who wants to campaign successfully for public office, and to be a legislator who gets the job done, especially for women who want to run for office at any level.

For those who aren't as familiar with Kim, especially since the legislative districts have been redrawn this year, I can say with conviction that she has incredible energy, enthusiasm, and positivity that draws people to her. Kim is dedicated and works hard, has knowledge of the issues, and is available to speak with by phone or in person should an issue of concern arise. For more on what Kim has accomplished, check out www.kimfawcett.com.

I've helped Kim with her campaigns since 2006, and in 2010, I stepped things up by going door-to-door for Kim in an RTM District 6 neighborhood that I knew well. That particular experience two years ago broke my fear of going door-to-door when I campaigned for the RTM in District 7 last year and won.

Please join me on Nov. 6 in re-electing Kim Fawcett for the 133rd District.

Jennifer Hochberg

RTM member, District 7