I'd like to tell about our family's experience with state Rep. Kim Fawcett. I feel I need to do this because there has been a very vicious campaign against her.

My family and I have lived in Fairfield for over 15 years now. Our older daughter, Rhea, has autism, and that presents us with immense challenges that an average family may not face.

Challenges mean obstacles, which mean struggles, which can mean conflicts. Because autism challenges are not easily overcome, through the years we have reached out to many organizations and individuals whom we believed could assist us. Some have been responsive, and some have not. Kim Fawcett has stood out among those people as extremely understanding and eager to help.

Our daughter's autism precludes her from taking advantage of the many amenities that our town offers. Instead, we were able to locate a state-owned facility for special-needs people in another town. We were told that our daughter could use it. We tried to no avail; they just would not let her use it.

When I called Kim and explained our issue, she came to meet with us and with our daughter. She took our issue seriously and listened very attentively. She wrote down all the names and took all the information. She got to work the same day and emailed the people involved. The issue was resolved in hours and my daughter was allowed to use the facilities the next day. Of course, I cannot tell you how happy it made her and how much she has enjoyed going there over the years.

When does a state representative physically come to your house when you need them? In all my years of struggles and conflicts, I had never seen anyone like Kim Fawcett. What was amazing was how seriously she took the job how she really did not have an agenda. She simply wanted to help and do her job because she cares.

I hope you will understand that when my family needed help and we reached out for help, Kim Fawcett too the issue seriously and helped. She did not care that tit wouldn't put her in the spotlight or bring her hundreds of votes. She was there to help my daughter, who was being discriminated against, and she did not allow it.

Thank you Kim, for all your years of service to our community and best wishes for the future. We need more people like Kim Fawcett representing us and working for us. Kim cares.

Rima Bishuti



Of the hundreds of people employed by the Fairfield Public Schools, there is a small group that goes unnoticed. They are the food service workers, affectionately know by many as the "the lunch ladies." As a former lunch lady, I consider this group an important part of the fabric of the Fairfield schools.

This past June, the Fairfield Board of Education voted 7-2 to approve a 2 percent raise and benefit adjustment for the schools' food service workers. One of the two board members who voted against was Sue Brand.

Now Mrs. Brand is running for state representative. On her campaign website, she states that she cares about people and she will be a strong voice for us. But Sue Brand didn't care about the lunch ladies when she cast her vote not to give these hard working, low-paid workers better benefits and what amounted to about a 25-cent-an-hour raise.

Mrs. Brand says she understands the economic challenges people face today, yet she voted against helping this small group of women who work for a very small wage so their families have some type of health benefits. Keeping in mind the lunch ladies could have signed up to unionize -- which would have ended up costing Fairfield's taxpayers a whole lot more than the 25 cents an hour -- the seven other school board members voted to approve in increases. Apparently, the majority of the board of education understood that.

While I understand times are tough, it's especially hard for the lunch ladies. Voting against a very small raise for the lowest-paid workers in the Fairfield school system is just mean spirited and wrong.

This is not the "brand new leadership" I want for Fairfield.

Kristen Lashar



I'm a Senior Citizen who raised my children in Fairfield. I live with my daughter and her family since my husband passed away. I never get involved in politics. I've never contacted an elected official until I had a problem with my Social Security that I had been trying to fix for months. I saw Brenda at the grocery store and told her about the problem. She listened, pulled out a pen and paper, wrote down the information and told me she'd look into it for me.

Brenda once worked for then-Congressman Shays and has a lot of experience helping people with problems like this.

The next day, Brenda called and told me she contacted Social Security on my behalf and explained the problem. Later that same day, I received another call from the local Social Security office explaining there was an error in the computer and the problem was resolved.

I was amazed what I couldn't get done for months; Brenda was able to resolve in just 24 hours.

For me, having a Representative that has experience dealing with government's mistakes and actually cares enough to help people has my trust and my vote.

Rep. Brenda Kupchick is a real public servant.

Elsie Voros



On Tuesday, Nov. 6, I will be casting my vote for Sue Brand for State Representative. That will be easy, as I know Sue is extremely qualified to represent us in Hartford.

I have known Sue for many years. My first experience with this dynamic, diplomatic and passionate leader came during her tenure as president of the Tomlinson Middle School PTA. Sue was under tremendous pressure from many sides as the Tomlinson renovations were threatening the scheduled start of school.

Sue was able to maintain strong working relationships with all parties involved, helping to keep things focused on the progression of renovations and the safety of the student body and faculty. It was inspiring to work with Sue during this time as she maintained her professional demeanor and successfully guided her PTA Board and general members through a very trying school year.

Sue has a strong skill set that can be applied to any public office, whether its the PTA, Board of Education or State House of Representatives. Most admirable is her ability to focus her thoughts, actions and decisions on what she feels is best for her constituency. Sue weighs the pros and cons of every issue she faces with strong moral convictions, seeking to take the right road, not necessarily the most popular.

I feel lucky to have worked with Sue so often and know that many politicians in Hartford will feel the same way. As a result, I will be filling in the circle next to her name because, as Sue has done so often, its the best decision for our community.

Go Brand!

Frank Lodato



It is always exciting as we enter an election season. In local elections, we read all kinds of nice accolades about the candidates. I am happy to say that I rate Heather Dean in the group of people who are kind, thoughtful, perceptive, caring, and super helpful in working on our problems.

But in addition, Heather Dean is also a highly capable person and full of energy that she wwould channel to the neediest problems facing our district and also our state.

Heather Dean always applies herself whole heartedly to the task, including education, economics, social needs, transportation, alternate energy sources and protecting the Sound. She has a sharp awareness of needs and takes steps to meet them. In addition to working for our district, she also recognizes that we are part of the state of Connecticut, and so she would always be working for what is also needed for and benefits our whole state.

Heather's intelligence and dedication are what we need for our State Representative for the 134th District. I hope you will join me in voting for Heather Dean on Nov. 6.

Hazen C. Goddard