As a taxpayer, mother, certified teacher, neighbor and friend, I am writing to express my strong support for Brenda Kupchick's re-election as our State Representative.

I have witnessed first-hand, Brenda's commitment, courage and knowledge in representing all of her constituents. Her dedication to our town is impressive -- and, often, done without fanfare or attention.

On the issues, Brenda is always well informed. She is fiscally conservative, (something we need more of these days at the State level), and moderate in her social beliefs.

Brenda and her husband are small business owners and they understand the economic challenges that all of our citizens face due to rising taxes, unfunded mandates, countless regulations and hidden government fees.

As a former member of the Fairfield Board of Education and the Representative Town Meeting, Brenda knows how state government actions impact town finances and working mothers and families.

I am proud to support Brenda as our State Representative and, prouder still, to have her as a friend.

Amy Flynn



Attendance in life matters -- whether it is a family function, a work meeting, or a state legislative committee meeting. Much has been said about state Rep. Kim Fawcett's subpar attendance record at committee meetings. However, I believe it bears repeating that Ms. Fawcett only managed to attend about 53 percent of committee meetings during the 2011 and 2012 legislative sessions. Ms. Fawcett's response to the low attendance is that despite missing those meetings, she voted on 93 percent of bills while she has been an elected representative.

I liken this to a student only showing up for about half of school classes, but then bragging that this should not matter because he/she takes nearly all of the tests -- regardless of the outcomes on those tests. The fact that Ms. Fawcett votes so frequently, yet may not be fully up to speed on what she is voting on should cause all voters to stop and think. Would you be able to skip nearly half of your classes, work meetings or discussions with your family about important items, yet still make decisions that will have an impact on others?

It is time for a change in Hartford. Our current Democratic majority has led Connecticut even further away from an environment where sustained growth is possible and we simply cannot afford another two years of the same. Connecticut's local tax burden (state plus local taxes) is the third highest in all of the U.S. -- and over a full percentage point higher than even California. Despite record increases on state taxes and fees, our budget deficit is even larger than it was last year. The fact is, Hartford cannot continue to increase taxes, fees, and spending and think that our state will become prosperous again.

Members of the 133rd district should open their minds to Chris DeSanctis. Mr. DeSanctis understands that growth for all comes from cutting spending, reducing the tax burden, and reforming regulations. Doing so will make Connecticut much more attractive for individuals, families, and businesses alike. Time is of the essence to avoid even further financial difficulties. I ask that you please help get our state back on the right track by voting for Chris DeSanctis on Nov. 6.

Jeffrey Melaragno



I support Kim Fawcett because she is a skilled and passionate representative who cares, truly cares, about her constituents.

Few people know how many telephone calls Kim receives and answers every day -- not just during but between legislative sessions. When a constituent issue is not within her domain, she goes out of her way to find the right office or person to address the problem. his is the unseen part of public service, and it demonstrates Kim's sincerity.

In fact, it was Kim Fawcett who stressed for me the importance of personally talking to as many constituents as I could as I sought to represent District 5 on our Representative Town Meeting; of thanking every single person on whose door I knocked; and of keeping that contact alive after the campaign was won. This advice was not the product of a campaign manual; it came from her sincere ambition to better people's lives.

There are specific achievements of Kim's that have improved our landscape. One is the legislative bill enabling doctors in Connsecituct to diagnose and treat Lyme disease without fear of professional censure. Imagine doctors being punished for telling patients what their illness is and how to manage it! Yet Kim had to battle deep pockets and powerful lobbies for doctors to attain this basic freedom.

Kim also recognizes the importance of and is a leading advocate for strengthening our transportation infrastructure, especially in southwestern Connecticut. As a long-time Metro-North commuter, I witnessed the steady deterioration of rail cars, increasingly packed peak-hour trains, and congestion/pollution on I-95. Hartford has been slow to recognize that starving our highways and public transportation drives business, and therefore desperately needed revenue, out of our state.

We need Kim's passion, and compassion. We need her genuine interest in people's welfare. We need her honesty. Please join me to re-elect her on Nov. 6.

Ann Stamler

RTM member, District 5



I am proud to endorse Sue Brand for State Representative for the 132nd District. Sue is your neighbor, she lives in the heart of your district on the west side of town. She will represent your district well because she is one of you. Her children went to your schools, she has met most of you by knocking on your doors, she understands the particular needs of your district; commuters, seniors, parents, beach dwellers, business owners. (Did you know that her opponent lives east of Black Rock Turnpike, and the new district map was drawn to pick up her house?)

Sue brings unequaled energy to represent all of you in Southport, Greenfield Hill, the beach area, the Ludlowe/Mill Plain area. Sue is very bright and focused, and will make sure that your voices are heard in Hartford. I have known Sue for many years. There is no issue too complex, she is well prepared, and keeps her eye on the ball to protect Fairfield. You have one neighbor running for State Rep, and she happens to be the best candidate for your district. Vote for Sue Brand.

Ellery Plotkin, chairman

Democratic Town




It would be hard to imagine a stronger voice for Fairfield than state representative Kim Fawcett. She co-sponsored the 2010 Jobs Act, which provides loans and tax credits to small business that create jobs, and she successfully fended off cuts in state contributions towards Fairfield's education costs -- which would certainly have meant significant mill-rate increases. She fought for Connecticut's ban on children's products containing bisphenol A, a known hormone disruptor; to limit Metro-North fare increases; to create the Mass Transit Improvement Program that reinvests in our train and transit infrastructure; and for our state's pioneering public financing system for political campaigns -- a terrific step toward eliminating the influence of special interests in politics, which the whole country should follow.

Kim Fawcett battled hard to restructure the state government in order to slash spending and borrowing. And anyone who has met Kim -- as so many of us have, thanks to her involvement in our schools, neighborhood associations, and other community organizations -- can tell what a smart, effective, independent-minded advocate she is for all of us. Let's get her re-elected with a huge, bipartisan plurality on Nov. 6.

Josh Garskof

RTM member, District 5