Letters: Officials should be removed ... and more

Officials should be removed

To the Editor:

Innocent of all criminal charges until proven guilty in a court of law. I am all for it when it comes to Fairfield's two public works officials now charged with criminal wrongdoing. The due process right is guaranteed every individual.

What is not guaranteed, while that criminal process plays out, is an extended vacation, aka indefinite suspension by the First Selectman, for the two who have clearly betrayed the public trust. The Superintendent of Public Works, a union employee, and his appointed salaried boss, the Director of Public Works, should be facing dismissal from town office for official misconduct on the job, but they are not.

Our local town charter clause #3.6 entitled Removal from Appointed Office for Cause exists for a reason.. The clause allows the First Selectman, the appointing town official in this case, due process to remove the Director Of Public Works from office for cause. The union contract, likewise, gives the First Selectman due process to remove the union Superintendent for cause, too.

It would be one thing if the two town officials were facing criminal charges unrelated to their official capacities as town employees. They are facing criminal charges directly related to their work on the job. Both should be removed from office now.

For those who think these two should still be rewarded by the town. Not to worry, the likelihood that CT Attorney General Bill Tong would seek to revoke their retirement benefits is slim to none. He's too busy chasing Donald Trump.

Jim Brown


Law for landscapers

To the Editor:

There should be a law requiring all landscapers to pull into the driveway of the place they are working on. I am tired of the dangerous situations they create by blocking traffic on both sides of the street they are parked on, especially on roads like North Benson near Fairfield U where they constantly cause traffic jams.

In addition, the noise and smell they create is ridiculous. They always have at least two large machines going at the same time spewing large amounts of gas smell in the air. WHEW! I don't understand why there are so many landscapers around. Are people that lazy that they can't cut there own grass or trim a bush or tree? It's even worse when there are two of them on a street at the same time. The noise is deafening and the odor sickening.

Patrick Carriero


Thankful to legislators

To the Editor:

As our families grow older, the time comes when we must rely on others for help. Anyone who has visited care homes has certainly noticed problems with quality of care. In time for Independence Day, Governor Lamont signed into law a Public Act to assure that our loved ones are treated well. The act specifies staffing level requirements, display of staffing and contact information, disciplinary actions, and remediation for employees and residents. It brings us into alignment with federal nursing home staffing regulations.

These protections were sponsored entirely by the Democratic leadership. I am grateful to members of both parties who voted for the Act, especially Fairfield's entire state delegation who voted for it! I want everyone’s families to have the chance for better care at times when they need it most.

Don’t you?

Leanne Harpin


Overdose vigil

In Honor of International Overdose Awareness Day, the Fairfield Health Department, along with Fairfield CARES, and the Fairfield Police Department will be hosting the second annual Overdose Vigil. This Overdose Awareness Vigil will take place on Friday, Aug. 30, on the Sherman Town Green at 7 p.m.

This Vigil is a great place for people to gather who have lost loved ones due to an overdose, for those in recovery, for those who know someone who is struggling with the hardship of addiction, and for anyone who would like to support community members or learn more. The Candlelight Vigil will allow us to remember those in our community we have lost to this terrible disease, and to find the strength and support to fight for those we know who are battling with addiction. All are welcomed to attend!

If you or someone you know is struggling with addiction it is imperative to seek help in order to prevent further drug overdose deaths. Please visit https://www.fairfieldct.org/Opioids and/or fairfieldct.org/fairfieldcares for resources on treatment and additional information. Drug addiction can happen to anyone. Helping people that have a drug addiction is the only way to stop overdose deaths.

Fairfield CARES Community Coalition is a task force established in 2009 by the Fairfield First Selectman’s Office to prevent underage drinking and substance misuse. Members include parents, school representatives, local business leaders, law enforcement, clergy, counseling professionals, and members of youth services organizations.

For questions about the Vigil and for more information please contact the Fairfield Health Department at 203-256-3150.

Santina Jaronko, DrPH, CHES

Health Educator

Fairfield Health Department