Reader likes woman’s chutzpah

To the Editor:

I liked the chutzpah of the young woman who writes at length about a recent attendance at a political gathering to engage in political speak. I remember some years ago being present when our well-spoken congressman was addressing small crowds in a beach setting.

Today, I find that he has grown into a much sought-after spokesperson for his party on sympathetic television stations. I should have known that all the while; he was an erudite young gentleman.

So, I sympathize with the young lady’s point of view in terms of the gentleman candidate that she heard speak and now, additionally, addresses in her letter.

I wish her well in her pursuit of further education and urge her to vote for a Democratic woman, one more likely to succeed in moving Connecticut out of the doldrums and forward in its stature than any Republican swimming in the candidate pool that no aspiring woman candidate can swim in. I saw the scuffle on TV: the woman being hauled and mauled as she tried to crawl off stage. Nice play, Republicans. Play it over and over again!

Gerard Coulombe


Tree warden has too much power

To the Editor:

I have lived in Fairfield over 25 years. On my property are two town trees. They have been here much longer than me and are much larger than my home now. Over the years the one over the driveway has caused damage to my car three times in the $3,000 range. I have spent more than that trying to repair the driveway from cracks as the roots push their way upward. I have given up on that. I have also tried to have somewhat of a lawn in the front, but years of seeding and reseeding is just not worth the cost, and I am not a lawn fanatic anyway. One thing that has changed in these years are the intensity of the storms we are getting.

My driveway is short, and there is no garage. The damage to the car is bothersome because it involved a rate increase. As the trees have grown, so have their branches. The tree warden calls it shedding. The last Nor’easter had a branch in my driveway that could have totaled the car, but worse than that could have killed someone. I left the car in my neighbors’ driveway that night.

A boy from the neighborhood came to shovel after the winds had died down a bit. l did not want him in the front, as the branches that were down were already substantial. One huge one came down 10 minutes after he left. It could have killed or paralyzed him or me or anyone else or harmed my pets. The tree warden calls this shedding. I have photos. He has all the power, and this needs to change. It is not right to feel unsafe in your home and wonder if you should put everyone in the back bedroom during a windy night or bad storm.

Trees shed; that is the line. It is not right to have to pay car damage. It is not right to have no power over a tree on your property that you pay a lot of taxes on and taxes increase each year. If this is the case, then the town needs to assume all responsibility for the tree and where it sits. They should rake the leaves, not just take them away once a fall.

They should pay for all damage to the home and car, but truth is it falls on your private policies. There needs to be hearings on this issue. I had offered to pay for the removal of the tree and plant another one there, not so large and not so dangerous. Denied. Trees shed. At this point a tree warden tells me that trees shed and is more interested in being right than doing the right thing. It has not killed anyone yet, therefore he is right.Trees shed.

Madeline Migliorini