Support for Leeper

To the Editor:

Jennifer Leeper is the whole enchilada. Rarely have I ever been more certain or impressed by a candidate for public office. I got to know Jenn from her public service role as a Board of Education candidate and ultimately a Board of Education representative. She is brilliant, well spoken and unpretentious.

I am 100% behind Jenn. She believes in a harmonious blend of social and economic policies. She values education and believes in children. Her experience and ability as an educational professional gives her a unique and authoritative insight into how to sculpt policy that expresses this value system.

Jenn wishes to work toward cultivating our state’s economy with effective transportation and job growth. Our great state is in great need of revitalization, job growth and fresh, bold ideas. Jenn believes in strengthening the draw of living and working in Connecticut with college loan forgiveness for the state’s college graduates that go on to start a business or work in a growth sector in state.

I am very excited for the special election coming up. I hope everyone is duly aware of this rare opportunity to be excited by a special election and to vote for a truly gifted candidate.

Lauren Bove

7th District RTM Representative


‘Himes ignores real issues’

To the Editor:

In response to Jim Himes’ town hall, he summarizes in a very short time why I am running for Congress. I have been thoroughly disgusted by the Democrats and in particular, Jim Himes relentless attack on a president duly elected by 63 million Americans.

For the past three years they have moved from Russian Collusion to the Mueller Report, to Kavanagh, to the impeachment and at every turn have thrown away historical norms purely to undo the election of 2016 and to prevent President Trump from being re-elected in 2020.

There are a litany of other issues that Himes is ignoring that are important to his district: such as drug price reform, USMCA Trade Deal (which would bring jobs back to Connecticut), lower taxes, and reduced regulations to allow businesses to grow. That’s why I’m running: to get things done for our district.

Jonathan Riddle

4th District Republican candidate for Congress

Affordable housing requirements

To the Editor:

I have been following the Town’s saga to address affordable housing. As a former 40-year, public school educator, the one thing that astounds me is why the state and towns don’t demand that affordable housing developers help meet the public schools’ state mandate for racial balance. That means we must require developers to spread affordable units evenly across all towns. If one part of town has met the racial balance requirement, developers should be denied the right to build in that area; otherwise the potential for increasing the racial-diversity challenge will only continue, if not worsen.

Looking at the most recent online racial imbalance statistics, it seems McKinley and Holland Hill are currently currently near/above the requirement, yet new affordable developments are being pursued in these same school districts. This will only deepen the problem. I was shocked recently to see Mill Hill parents and their representatives basically shoot down a plan that most likely would have helped their school and town address the imbalance. This is an astounding act of selfishness and entitlement.

Have we, as prosperous, or might I say “more than fortunate,” citizens become so hard-hearted as to deny relatively few children the right to a great education and all our children the right to an integrated experience — an experience that they will face as they march towards the future?

I believe we must require affordable-housing developers, if they are going to benefit from the total abuse of our zoning laws, to only develop in places that will solve the racial imbalance problem in our schools. What, town officials, can we do to rectify this situation?

Anna Nelson