We can’t all

take the trains

To the editor:

If Dannel Malloy, Connecticut’s big spending leftist governor, wants tolls then he had two four-year terms in office to get the state Senate and state House of Representatives on board with that. He failed to do that even in his early days when his Democrats held majorities in both.

There are many good arguments to get the Legislature to commit Connecticut in the business of tolling on its major highways. Malloy can’t even espouse one of them, though. One that should be on the tip of Malloy’s lips is that tolling, properly placed and priced, has been shown to both reduce congestion and avoid capital highway construction. In 2002, the Southwest Regional Planning Association, of which Malloy as mayor of Stamford was a governing member, showed that among other things.

And once a commitment to tolling is made by the state Legislature, the federal highway administration will start to pay for any and all tolling implementation studies. Malloy’s latest unilateral authorization of $10 million in dwindling state dollars for a tolling implementation study is just plain reckless, not to mention in direct conflict with the latest wishes of the majority in the Legislature.

Malloy has clearly failed to lead on getting Connecticut’s highways moving again. This $10 million is just another political ploy by Malloy. The next governor must get the state Legislature all aboard on tolling or come up with some other unknown cost effective transportation solution to get Connecticut moving again.

We can’t all take the trains!

Jim Brown


Where do our Republican representatives stand?

To the editor :

Today the president of the United States took the word of Russian dictator Vladimir Putin over the U.S. government, every intelligence agency, and the FBI.

John Brennan, former CIA director, said, “Donald Trump’s press conference performance in Helsinki rises to and exceeds the threshold of ‘high crimes and misdemeanors.’ It was nothing short of treasonous. Not only were Trump’s comments imbecilic, he is wholly in the pocket of Putin. Republican Patriots: Where are you?”

James Comey, former FBI director, said, “This was the day an American president stood on foreign soil next to a murderous lying thug and refused to back his own country. Patriots need to stand up and reject the behavior of this president.”

At the last Republican gubernatorial debate all the candidates said they would give Donald Trump an “A” on his job performance.

I’m asking all of Fairfield’s Republican representatives Laura Devlin, Brenda Kupchick and Tony Hwang to tell their constituents where they stand.

Do they take the word of a murderous dictator over every intelligence agency that said our nation was attacked by a hostile foreign power? Do they think Donald Trump should get an “A” for his job performance?

Their constituents need to know and deserve to know where their representatives stand.

Leanne Harpin


Support for Shawn Wooden for treasurer

To the editor :

As Democrats, we have the unique opportunity to vote for Shawn Wooden. He will continue the fine work that Treasurer Denise Nappier has accomplished.

Shawn has worked with her and has so much experience. Placing Shawn Wooden’s name in nomination and having our Democrats endorse him as the choice of so many, gives us a unique opportunity to have the best person represent all of us.

Shawn Wooden has a very diversified resume. As an educator, I want someone in there guarding our pensions and the pensions of all of the state employees. He is a partner at the law firm of Day Pitney LLP. Shawn leads the firm’s public pension investment practice.

He has a balanced background. His parents moved from Georgia to be sure their six children had a better life.

His father ran a small business and his mother was a teacher’s aide. Attending public schools in Manchester graduating with honors, he earned a four year scholarship to Trinity College and serves on their Board of Trustees. Shawn has a law degree and worked in Washington D.C. for the AFL-CIO’s Office of Investment.

Now more than ever, we need Shawn Wooden in the Office of Treasurer. He has served as a member of Connecticut Citizen’s Ethics Advisory Board.

Be sure to vote for Shawn Wooden in our Aug. 14 primary so we can have a highly qualified person as our treasurer in November.

Susan P. Barrett