To the Editor:

The Fairfield Ludlowe High School and Fairfield Warde High School Music Departments are proud to announce that 25 students have been invited to participate in the CMEA All-State Festival!

These students auditioned at the regional level, and after being accepted to the Western Regional Festival, were then invited to audition for All-State. We are so proud of all of these students!

Congratulations to all of these young musicians, and kudos also to the fantastic music staff at both high schools who have spent countless hours preparing their students for these opportunities!

FLHS All-State Participants

Sophia Bookas

Kieran Brown

Blaise Carter

Lauren Dewitt

Nick Fech

Samuel Koeck

William Mandelbaum

Maddie McDermott

Leila Mishalani

Jeremy Page

Alexa Perillo

Thomas Roberts

FWHS All-State Participants

Jesmond Bollman

Mike Chapin

Mallory Elliott

Marie Fulda

Maggie Kruse

Bari Lipper

Julia Muhlenberg

Andrew Paik

Molly Scatenato

Benjamin Sullivan

Hannah Ulman

Abigail Varsos

Elizabeth Winter

Sara Hoefer

Music Coordinator, Fairfield Public Schools

8th grade Choral Director, Tomlinson Middle School

Impossible to

reconcile the actions

of some Dems

To the Editor:

As our first selectman alluded to in his state of the town address last week there certainly is a fair amount on controversy and angst at the Board of Selectmen these days since Laurie McArdle stepped down from that board for personal reasons, or more specifically controversy and angst over replacing her. As others have stated, the process for that transition is clearly laid out in the Town Charter, and that process was faithfully followed. It is therefore entirely proper that Ed Bateson would and should serve out the remaining term of Laurie McArdle.

Our first selectman understood this and he supported Ed’s appointment in the Board of Selectmen meeting on Dec. 7, 2016. Ed Bateson is a long-time town volunteer and public servant who assumed the role of Selectman at the behest of his party.

As anyone who has ever served with Ed knows, he is a stand-up guy, well respected and eminently qualified to serve as a Selectman; however, the push back against Selectman Bateson by some who would prefer not to follow the Town Charter has escalated to the point of calling into question his character.

As the Majority and Deputy Majority leaders of the RTM, we agree with the words of our first selectman in his state of the town address. We absolutely do “owe it to our citizens to provide the best demonstration of teamwork. We should be setting an example for our State and Federal governments on how working together produces the best results for our residents.”

That said, it is impossible to reconcile the actions of some town Democrats with the words of their leader and this degree of personal attack ought to be beneath anyone elected to serve in Fairfield.

Tom McCarthy, RTM Majority Leader

Brian Farnen, RTM Deputy Majority Leader

Can’t we all agree

we deserve a safe

country to live in?

To the Editor:

All of the acerbic rhetoric of “divisiveness” pertaining to the new administration is getting so anemic. The zombified protesters solemnly ranting “ he will not divide us” is akin to Charles Manson’s “ children on the farm” and their rambling brain washed dogma back in the Helter Skelter days . I have yet to see this demonic claim of division in any measure taken thus far.

There will always exist a measure of dissent between multiple parties in a cordial political environment. The fact that we have a Republican party, a Democrat party, a Libertarian party, and so on, makes it almost prosaic that some individuals will not agree thus,have divided opinions.

That’s what elections are for. And, just for the record, Donald Trump is German/Scottish, his wife is Yugoslavian, his son in law is Jewish, the Ambassador to the U.N., Nikki Haley is Punjabi Indian, and the list goes on. Seems kind of inclusive to me.

And not that it really matters anyway. Can’t we all agree we deserve a safe, productive, country to live in?

Joe Miro


An election

must be held

To the Editor:

If the Republican members of the Fairfield Board of Selectmen can refuse to hold an election that was legally called and which the Connecticut Secretary of State has ruled must be held, what is to stop them from refusing to hold other elections, or from refusing to follow other state laws? Defying the Secretary of State and acting against the advice of the Town Attorney, Selectmen Chris Tymniak and Ed Bateson failed tonight to reverse their wrongheaded action of last week, when they declared the special election called by the Town Clerk to be “unnecessary” and the petition of 3,200 registered voters of the Town of Fairfield, which complied with all requirements of relevant state law, “void ab initio.” These two men decided that they know better than the Town Attorney and the Secretary of State and tried to stop the election in violation of state law.

The inaction of Mr. Tymniak and Mr. Bateson means that it is left to the Town Clerk to arrange the election. The Secretary of State has declared that the election must be held and stated that she would work with the Town Clerk if the Selectmen failed to affirm the date. I hope that the Town Clerk will do the right thing and set the election. This nonsense must stop and the people of Fairfield must have the right to vote.

Karen Wackerman

RTM Representative, District 7


Thanks for being

there for funeral

of Mary Tyler Moore

To the Editor:

On behalf of the board of directors and staff of the Oak Lawn Cemetery Association, I want to extend my sincere thanks to the members of the Fairfield Police department for the outstanding job that they did providing security and police escort services for Mary Tyler Moore’s recent funeral on our grounds.

Given the extent of Ms. Moore’s fame, and the fact that a planned private service had become public knowledge, we had many concerns about security and ensuring a private, dignified setting for the service.

Three days before the service, I contacted Deputy Chief Chris Lyddy to request the department’s support and guidance in developing and implementing a security plan for the funeral. The response to my request far exceeded anything I could have hoped for.

Lieutenant Jim Perez came to Oak Lawn to meet with us and get all of the details concerning the funeral arrangements. He then developed a security plan that was flawlessly implemented by Lieutenant Perez and his officers. Not only did the police provide security on our grounds during the service, they also provided police escorts to Oak Lawn for the hearse and the family. All of us connected with the funeral were overwhelmed by the organization, professionalism and compassion displayed by every member of the police department.

After the service, many members of Mary Tyler Moore’s family came up to me to say how much they appreciated the outstanding, compassionate, and respectful attention they received from all officers involved.

I want to extend a special thank you and recognition to the following members of the department who provided security at the service: Lt. Jim Perez, Sgt. Mike Paris, Off. Paul Medvegy, Off. Gary Wikman, Off. Scott Sudora, Off. Jeff Wikman, Off. Gary Cahill, Off. Jon Chlebowski.

Bronson K. Hawley

President Board of Directors

Oak Lawn Cemetery and Arboretum