Letters to the Editor

Extraordinary First Selectman

To the Editor:

I am writing to enthusiastically support Mike Tetreau for re-election as our First Selection. Mike Tetreau has not just done a good job in 8 years as First Selectman, he has done an extraordinary job. We don’t need to guess about Mike, he has an exceptional long-term track record. When we step back and consider under Mike Tetreau’s leadership, Fairfield has been rated by various independent media outlets and organizations as “The Best Place to Live in Connecticut,” among the top “Safest Communities in Connecticut,” secured a AAA bond rating (achieving a vital tax savings for Fairfield), the “Most Business Friendly Town in CT” and the “Top Ranked Sustainable Municipality in Connecticut,” we would have to say Fairfield has thrived under Mike Tetreau’s leadership.

I think we can ask ourselves, if these achievements are not what we want from a First Selectman, then what do we want instead?

We could say “if it’s not broken don’t fix it” but Mike’s record of management goes well beyond that.

Further, if there has been a First Selectman who has more carefully managed our town finances and taxes in my lifetime (or perhaps ever), someone is going to have to tell me who that is because I am not aware of anyone who has.

Mike Tetreau has also managed the recent issue with the recreation fields the way it should be handled with professionalism, urgency and transparency. If we were stockholders in a company that had these issues, this is exactly the way we would want these issues addressed.

If you are thankful for Fairfield’s exceptional schools, safe community, fiscal responsibility and quality of life then vote for Mike Tetreau on November 5th. Thank you for listening.

Tom Drew

Former Fairfield State Representative


Fairfield needs a change

Another campaign season is upon us; soon, it will again be time for Fairfielders to go to the polls. Consequently, I believe this to be a fitting occasion to examine the record of First Selectman Michael Tetreau.

There’s a lot that can be said about the last four years; let’s start by discussing taxes. Mr. Tetreau and his fellow Democrats have made a habit out of steadily increasing taxes. This policy is hurting Fairfield families, and should not be continued.

In addition, there have been not one, but TWO major scandals during Tetreau’s time in office. The Democrats’ responses to these scandals have been predictable; condemn, deny, and deflect. Meanwhile, the health and safety of Fairfielders is at risk....but “what’s done is done,” right, Stanton Lesser (legal counsel for the Town)?

It is clear to me that Fairfield needs a change; that change must start at the top. For this reason, I proudly endorse Brenda Kupchick for the position of First Selectwoman. Ms. Kupchick is a “straight shooter,” as well as a proven fighter for the people of Fairfield. If we want change, I can’t think of a better way to accomplish it than by electing a woman to our highest office (there has only been one other First Selectwoman in town history, that being Jacky Durrell).

To be frank, the usual routine has not been working recently. What do any of us have to lose by supporting a different direction? If the “same old thing” doesn’t work, then it’s time to do something else. So saying, I ask my fellow Fairfielders to join me in supporting Brenda Kupchick. Let’s fix things, and clean up Town Hall!

Matt Boland