Thanks to voters

To the Editor:

Thank you from the bottom of my heart to the voters of Fairfield who once again entrusted me to be your town clerk. It is a responsibility that I take very seriously safeguarding your family and property histories along with many other important duties.

I sincerely appreciate the tremendous support of our citizens as I continue to serve as Fairfield’s town clerk. I will continue to be fair and impartial while serving this wonderful community as I hope it reflects favorably on our town.

Betsy P. Browne, MMC, MCTC

Fairfield Town Clerk

Remington Arms liability

To the Editor:

All of the details have yet to be provided, however, it seems that the firearm manufacturer Remington Arms may be considered fair game for lawsuits connected to the Newtown tragedy. For me, I see an enormous door opening for a myriad of lawsuits where an individual misuses ANY legal item to commit crime.

Will it now be legitimized for General Motors to be sued when the drunk driver takes the life of some poor individual in a horrific automobile accident? When the car is used as it was intended, it is an innocuous piece of machinery, but when some callous miscreant, legally drunk, (that’s an odd term, isn’t it?) gets behind the wheel, and commits this crime, does the responsibility fall in the lap of the automobile company? Perhaps Home Depot or Lowe’s should start to think about requesting certain documentation when partaking in the sale of hammers and such.

I sincerely am not trying to make light of this issue in any way, however, in 2017, somewhere around 443 murders took place in the U.S. with the hammer being the implement of choice, 296 with rifles. In Texas alone, there were 3,722 drunk driving fatalities. It just appears to be myopic to come to this conclusion on “who is responsible.” Any sensible individual must admit blame does not belong on the shoulders of manufacturers. We must not be quick to lay blame just so it seems that something is being done. As we have seen, this has manifested into garden variety political struggle. Where, sadly, very, very often, politicians see a venue where they can attempt to make themselves look good by placating those who suffer by valiantly claiming correctness by instituting more laws.

Joe Miro