To the Editor:

I’ve always lumped all political candidates under one ugly umbrella as mean, name-calling, finger-pointing mud-slingers until I had the fortunate experience of working closely with Tony Hwang on his last election campaign. What I especially appreciated was that while everyone embraced the negative mode, Tony maintained and successfully ran a clean, issue-focused campaign, never bowing to the level of his adversaries and naysayers. My respect and admiration for him grew exponentially.

Tony Hwang stood out differently. No negative words were spoken about any of his opponents and he stood steadfast to focus on his beliefs, his quests and his track record. He stayed true to his character, took every low blow that was thrown at him and maintained a positive, strong attitude and honored his promise to be the voice for his community and the people he so values and represents.

Tony is indeed at virtually every local function, from the Veterans Day celebrations at the elementary schools, to mingling at community fairs, to solemnly paying his respects in honoring Sandy Hook, 9/11 and community losses. Tony’s presence as our state senator and neighbor makes all participants feel engaged and valued. My family certainly feels that way. Everyone in town knows that Tony is their representative because they see that he is always there for them and always will be. He had my vote last time, he has it this time, and he should have yours, too.

Stephanie Pinto Johnson


A vote for Kupchick

To the Editor:

I have been lucky enough to have had state Rep. Brenda Kupchick as my representative for the past six years, and during that time, she has consistently fought to protect Fairfield seniors.

Operating a small family business for years and now approaching retirement, I understand the principle of spending only what you have and not any more.

The Democrats in Hartford have dismissed this principle for years and have saddled us with massive tax increases and debt to cover their reckless spending habits.

Brenda recognizes that if taxes keep going up, it will be impossible for seniors like me and my husband to afford to remain in Connecticut, even if we have spent all or most of our lives here.

Brenda fights so people like us can afford to stay in the state that we love.

This November, state Rep. Brenda Kupchick is the best choice for seniors.

Gwen Palmer


It’s a stick-up

To the Editor:

I am retired and never worked for Sikorsky. But when I read that in addition to all the givebacks to Lockheed they also get to reduce salaries by about 25 percent for new employees starting in 2018, I thought, Wow! Also, the pension plans are more favorable to Lockheed. Talk about the tail wagging the dog.

Lockheed — and I don’t blame them — is taking advantage of a state that is in a mess.

This is just the first of the many companies — United Technologies, Aetna, Cigna, Xerox, Black and Decker, Priceline, etc. — that is going to stick it to Connecticut.

Why? Because they can.

Why? Because the Legislature, which has been controlled for many decades by the Democrats, has taxed companies out of competition by their giveaway programs.

I am an independent voter, but it is time to change the dynamics in Hartford.

While I am not sure the Republicans would do any better, it can’t be much worse. Now we are starting to change decent-paying jobs into lower-paying jobs. This will cost the state hundreds of millions in taxes as the present staff leaves and is replaced by cheaper staff.

What will this do to property values? If you don’t think these other companies are going to ask for comparable deals, you are dreaming.

Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different outcome. We must change the Democratic control in Hartford before it is too late. Maybe a Republican Legislature can make Connecticut more business friendly and then perhaps we won’t be held up — without a gun — by these companies. If we don’t act soon, Connecticut will go bankrupt and all these people on the public dole will be wondering what happened.

Sal Busciolano


Call to renounce Trump

To the Editor:

This election season Fairfield voters must ask themselves whether their Republican incumbents and candidates will stay silent on Trump.

Perhaps the example of former Republican Congressman Christopher Shays has given them pause. Shays, showing his courage and integrity, came out against Trump as his party’s presidential nominee and has chosen to support Clinton. As retribution for his support of Clinton, Connecticut Republicans immediately entertained a motion to strip Shays of the party’s highest honor (the Bush Award).

Shays put people above politics and the greater good of our country above his political party, actions our local Republican officials have failed to take with only one month left until Election Day.

As someone who has stood up to leaders of my own political party when they weren’t on the right side of history, I can say with experience that it is not easy to speak truth to power, but it is necessary.

I am calling on state Sen. Tony Hwang, state Reps. Brenda Kupchick and Laura Devlin and candidate for state representative Ray Neuberger to use their voices to condemn Trump and all that he represents. If they continue to stay silent, one can only wonder if they have chosen to take Shays’ experience to heart and place party loyalty over personal integrity.

Tara Cook-Littman



To the Editor:

Now that it has been proven a Russian missile shot down that Malaysian passenger airline in 2014, get ready for Secretary of State Kerry to harrumph, “This is totally unacceptable behavior,” and President Obama to declare, “We will not take this lightly!”

Then of course absolutely nothing will be done.

Michael Caserta


Hwang is cognizant

of the issues

To the Editor:

I would like to take the opportunity to endorse Sen. Tony Hwang in his race for re-election. As part of my involvement with the Connecticut State Dental Association, I have come in contact with and gotten to know several state legislators. There are many good, hardworking people there, but Sen. Hwang stands out as one of the best. He is thoughtful, responsive and very cognizant of the many issues confronting today’s public. He is very active in the community, attending and supporting many worthy causes.

Personally, I don’t know how he does as much as he does. We may not agree on every issue, but he arrives at his positions after an in-depth consideration of all sides of the question at hand. I respect and support his legislative acumen and expertise.

William C. Nash


Fast work by police

and citizens

To the Editor:

As Americans, we can all be very proud and praise the alacrity with which our police captured Ahmad Khan Rahami. It emphasized how well-trained and vigilant our first responders are in the face of danger to our nation.

The fact is that one of our bravest was gravely wounded, and, disregarding his wounds, sounded the alarm that resulted in the capture of Rahami. Now, it should be noted that the situation in the end could have been much worse had not two men alerted the police to a bag that contained unexploded devices.

Needless to say, much more needs to be done. Terrorists and extremists are ever present. But with law enforcement people like this brave police officer and the two alert citizens, we can all breathe a little easier.

Peter George