Fairfield is a wonderful town

To the Editor:

On my way to interview for my first teaching job on Long Island, I pulled off the road into Fairfield, accidently, not really meaning to, but wanting really to take a break.

Ten years later, following a ten year stay in Port Washington, L.I., N.Y., we returned looking for a home, as we had taken a job in Darien.

We came to Fairfield, ironically, because the boy with whom, years earlier, I had walked to first grade with, Roger Legare, lived here with his wife, a native of Fairfield, and she and he graciously drove us around town and about in search of a home. Happily, we found one which we have since expanded, twice.

So, we have lived and raised our children and grandchildren here; eight in all have graduated from Ludlowe. The oldest is sixty-two, the youngest will be twenty-one next January.

As many residents will attest to about their coming to Fairfield, “The town is a lovely place to live in.”

From time to time, I have voiced disagreement with practices, techniques and a few teacher preferences for their educational methods or for a lack of diligence that would have alleviated problems had they exercised due diligence in their responsibilities. But, today, given my advancing age, all feels like minutia.

In a recent letter to the editor in the Connecticut Post, a couple expresses a high regard for McKinley, where their grandchildren attend school. I hope it’s the school.

Their letter and my letter again underscores how wrong the State is when it interprets a regulation that leads them to believe that there is a basis for fairly redistributing McKinley’s heavier minority population by mandating their view of a fairer, schoolwide distribution of a particular minority population because of its location.

It would not occur to them that in Fairfield, by and large, home affordability is determined by location, which is to say that affordable homes are extensively more affordable in that sector of town, maybe not an absolute statement, but it has been my view.

All to say, the State is wrong in like cases, as there may be more like this one. And it, or they, should be opposed.

Gerard Coulombe


Vote for McCabe

To the Editor:

I’m voting for Michelle McCabe. Here's why:

In a blink, we will have the freedom and privilege to change Connecticut’s future trajectory. Therefore it is time to consider how to achieve substantive, positive change in Connecticut—starting with the CT Congress.

As a constituent in the state’s 28th district and a current RTM member, I know this was a difficult year for Connecticut town budgets and a difficult year for Connecticut citizen’s budgets, too

We deserve someone in Hartford with the authority of experience. Michelle is Director of the Center for Food Equity and Economic Development at the Council of Churches in Bridgeport. We deserve a public servant with an actual public service background whose boots are on the ground in some of the most difficult neighborhoods in the state.

We need someone who has the integrity to make sterling, citizen-minded choices with all of Connecticut’s people in mind. We need someone in the Senate with bravery, sincerity, and heart. We need someone who wants to revitalize the distressed and optimize our plentiful resources.

We need Michelle McCabe.

Michelle is a caring, sincere person who considers the needs of all, not just the few. She is aware of the complex future of our state. I believe she is best suited to work with all legislators to strike the delicate balance that will be required going forward. She is not in it for the precious photo ops or distracted by “optics” and the next sweet “selfie.”

Michelle McCabe is running for the State Senate in the 28th District.

Please join me and support her for State Senator. We need her new ideas, meaningful representation and fresh perspective on the problems we face and the solutions we so desperately need.

Lauren Bové


Editor’s note: The letter writer is a member of the RTM.

No ordinary times

To the Editor:

These are not ordinary times we are living in.

The President of the United States has been credibly accused by nearly 20 women of sexual misconduct and was caught on audiotape bragging about getting away with sexualy assulting women because he was famous. A nominee for the Supreme Court of the United States has been credibly accused of attempted rape by a former classmate and was said to have picked interns at Yale Law School based on their appearance.

More political candidates than ever have embraced right wing extremism and misogyny, like Russell Walker of North Carolina who has stated that Jews are descents of Satan, or the Essex Connecticut Republican party sharing a post on their facebook page that mocked victims of rape.

We are also seeing more women running for office than we have in a generation, but it's not enough elect women to public office. We must elect ones who will advocate for ALL women.

That means ones who support a woman's right to choose when or if she starts a family of her own, can take time off work for family leave without losing a paycheck, and being paid a living wage.

According to the most recent US Census women make up 51% of Connecticut's population, and yet according to the National Conference of State Legislatures only 27% of Connecticut's General Assembly is female.

Maybe if we had more women in the General Assembly we'd have paid family leave and a livable minimum wage.

Leanne Harpin


Endorsing McCarthy

To the Editor:

I am proud to endorse Cristin McCarthy Vahey as State Representative for Fairfield’s 133rd District. I have had the pleasure of working directly with Cristin as an advocate for the arts and other issues and have observed firsthand her ability to listen and help navigate complex government systems. Her passion for service and her drive to bring resources to Fairfield is unsurpassed.

Cristin cares deeply about the citizens of Fairfield and this is evident in the way she engages people in her daily life and on the job. I am always impressed with the way she connects directly in conversation and follows up with answers and ideas. She comes to many town events and takes the time to enjoy being part of the community and hear what her constituents have to say.

As a member of the Education, Transportation and Government Administration Committees, Cristin works tirelessly to solve issues that affect us all. She wants the best for our children, our town economy and the services and infrastructure that contribute to our quality of life. In short, Cristin wants to see Fairfield thrive!

Please join me in voting for Cristin McCarthy Vahey!

Ryan Odinak


Thanks to the ACA

To the Editor:

The Connecticut public health insurance exchange covers about 293,000 people. That’s 293,000 people who wouldn’t have health insurance without the Affordable Care Act, and whose health insurance is at risk if Republicans succeed in their efforts to abolish the ACA.

Thanks to the ACA, health insurance companies can no reject people or charge them more for having pre-existing conditions. Before the ACA, the expansive list of pre-existing conditions included arthritis, post-partum depression, diabetes, and migraines. I know people, lots of people, who have pre-existing conditions and whose lives would be more difficult to live without the ACA. You do too.

The Affordable Care Act has improved the lives of many Connecticut residents. Republicans have tried to abolish the ACA more than 70 times, bringing back the pre-existing conditions and lifetime caps that saddled many people with impossible healthcare costs or healthcare debt.

Opponents of the Affordable Care Act cite rate increases as a reason for opposition; in 2018 in Connecticut, the rate increase for individual plans is only 2.72%, and 3.14 perfect for small group plans.

Without the support of Democrats in Congress like Congressman Himes, 293,000 Connecticut residents will lose their access to health care. To protect the health insurance of people all across the country, I’m standing behind Congressman Himes and other Democratic candidates this November.

Sabina Dirienzo


Editor’s note: The letter writer is a student at Fairfield University.

McCabe understands education

To the Editor:

I am excited to support a candidate for State Senate who views education as an investment. Michelle Lapine McCabe is that candidate. She understands that with a strong education system come new residents, lower exit migration, and stable property values. It seems everyone can agree that towns benefit from growing their Grand List (the aggregate value of taxable property within a town).

By continuing to invest in our excellent schools, we will grow our Grand List by raising property values. Michelle understands that the strong school systems of the 28th District are what attract new residents. I cannot imagine a faster way to drive residents out of our community and devastate property values than to pull back investment in our schools.

While Senator Hwang talks about supporting education, he has voted for budgets that decimate state funding for UConn and our community colleges, and that slice financial aid, putting higher education further out of reach for many residents. Moreover, Senator Hwang supports a state budget that proposes cutting or eliminating educational programs and resources for our state’s most vulnerable populations.

Eliminating education funding for our most vulnerable districts only hinders their social mobility and limits their ability to achieve economic independence. In the end, policies like the ones Mr. Hwang supports only increase poorer districts’ economic reliance on towns like Fairfield. Beyond all the economic reasons I’ve outlined above, education is the investment we, as a society, make in our future. It is the legacy our generation leaves to the next. While there are savings that need to be found and many difficult decisions to be made in Hartford, education is not the place to cut.

No candidate understands this more fully than Michelle Lapine McCabe and that is why I am supporting her for State Senate.

Jennifer Leeper


McCabe is

the choice

To the Editor:

Isn’t it long past time that Fairfield had a real state senator rather than just a glad-handing caricature of a concerned and effective politician?

Over the past two years I have listened to Tony Hwang in several League of Women Voters panel discussions and I always come away asking myself: “Can this man do anything other than spout meaningless political sound bites?” And, “Is his position ever anything more than the Republican knee-jerk reaction or his claim that ‘the matter needs more study’”?

Michelle McCabe is the Democrat running for that State Senate seat this year and I doubt that we could find a more worthy candidate. Michelle is the real deal. For the past five years - as the Executive Director of a program that struggles to improve the lives of people in Bridgeport - she has personally felt the pain of having to navigate and deal with local and State bureaucracies more invested in protecting their ‘turf’ than actually trying to be helpful.

Isn’t it long past time that we sent someone to Hartford who is deeply invested in making the state actually listen to the people who are on the ground - doing the hard work in the trenches every day - and then responding with carefully crafted legislation that responds to those needs?

Yes, political platforms are important and must be paid attention to (you can easily check out Michelle’s positions online), but more important to me is the character, intelligence, commitment and concern that an elected official brings to the job.

I am confident that Michelle McCabe will raise the bar significantly in those areas - far, far beyond what we have been settling for with Mr. Hwang during these past two legislative sessions.

McCabe will most certainly get my vote on November 6th.

William Schaberg


It’s about time

To the Editor:

You finally ran a photo and mentioned the name of the Republican congressional candidate for Connecticut’s Fourth district.

His name is Harry Arora, and I bet hardly any of your readers know this because you fail to mention him practically anywhere.

Your bias toward Democrats running for state office is abysmal, unnerving and destructive.

Large photos and upbeat stories of Democrat candidates are featured prominently on page one and above the fold, while scant mentions of Republican candidates are relegated to back pages and often presented in snarky Ken Dixonian tones.

In a state that is in such a miserable condition as ours, one would think that you might at least try to present a semblance of fair coverage of both sides in our state races.

Grant Monsarrat


Resident speaks out for McCabe

To the Editor:

I am a 30 year resident of Fairfield having lived in 3 different neighborhoods. I was active in our schools, kids' activities, and church.

At election time, I would read the Fairfield Citizen to educate myself on candidates and issues. But today, I am writing

my own Letter to the Editor. I am doing so in support of Michelle McCabe who is running for the State Senate in our district.

I did not know who Michelle was when I first heard her speak. I was moved to tears, and not because I was bored.

Michelle listens, and she is open-minded. Michelle is strong - her campaign slogan is "Let's Get to Work". She is totally

committed to doing everything she can to turn this State around. I want someone, now more than ever, who can take

my real concerns to Hartford - some of which are, the economy here, my taxes, transportation problems, the environment, health issues, health insurance issues, common sense gun legislation.

Michelle is running against incumbent Tony Hwang. We've seen his smiling photographs everywhere, and he looks like a nice enough

guy. But I want someone in Hartford who will stand up when it benefits Connecticut and not a political party. We need someone who will bridge this very divided political culture. She is a working mother of 3 sons - she gets it. Michelle McCabe has that kind of realistic and creative intelligence that we need in Hartford for the State that we love.

If you are a concerned voter like me, please see for yourself. Go to Michelle's website at MichelleForCT.com. Contact Michelle

with your questions and concerns - email, call, or come to a small group meeting.

Michelle has made me hopeful for our Connecticut - please support her in November.

Beth Johnston Tracosas