From losers to winners

To the Editor:

Relative to the recent terrible incident at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Fla., which involved a formerly expelled student, allow me to describe a situation which previously occurred at Bryant High, a NY City High School involving one hundred fifty students, all expelled simultaneously.

They were incorrigible, disruptive, undisciplined, considered the worst of the worst.

One teacher, sincerely believing that these students (each one someone's child) could possibly get involved in more serious situations as a result of their exile, convinced the school principal to grant them one last chance.

Since most of the students had previously found the subject matter to be meaningless and a waste of time, and which had been a major reason for their disruptive classroom behavior, the teacher proposed a special curriculum, including selected elective subjects which were both meaningful and hands-on, therefore hopefully retaining the interest of these supposed losers.

The students were placed in a special program, called Retail Work.

Many meaningful courses relative to their current life experience were introduced. As the hands-on approach, including subject related employment, gave them confidence, the students built lasting, positive relationships with each other, their parents, and faculty. These bonds inspired them, encouraging them to remain in the program with the following result.

One hundred per cent of the students graduated and ninety per cent went on to college.

Showing that extra form of care in the form of meaningful or hands-on attention, whether applied by a guidance counselor, school psychologist, or most important, by an individual teacher, hopefully can contribute to a feeling of worthiness on the part of that student, thus creating a positive rather than vengeful attitude.

This was the formula for success involving the 150 formally expelled students, many originally ultra incorrigible, thus resulting in such positive results.

I was the teacher mentioned above.

Marvin Findling


Vote for Ashley

To the Editor:

While many people bemoan the state of affairs in Connecticut, I think there are many reasons to be hopeful for the future of our state. This year state offices are up for election, and I hope you will support Ashley Gaudiano.

Ashley is running for the 134th General Assembly seat, which covers parts of Fairfield and Trumbull. She is a member of the Trumbull Town Council, a small business owner, attorney, advocate, and mother to two young children.

It’s time for a new type of leadership in Hartford, and Ashley is ready to advocate for us by encouraging collaboration, putting people over partisan politics, and focusing on smart, sensible solutions to our state’s problems. Getting Connecticut back on the right track will require a lot of hard work, and Ashley is ready to put in the time and effort required. She believes that a strong financial future is possible through sensible spending cuts, generating new sources of revenue, and regionalizing services. She also believes in investing in our infrastructure by creating and following a long-term plan to modernize our roads, rails, ports and airports to create jobs and be flexible for the future.

We need a fresh voice advocating on our behalf in Hartford, and Ashley has the experience, ideas, and leadership skills to do the job. Please support Ashley Gaudiano for State Representative in November.

Diana Palmentiero


Give students a choice for parking lot

To the Editor:

Since the teens are starting to let their voices be heard and are staging walkouts etc. I suggest the students at Ludlowe decide by a vote as to whether or not they should have more parking at the school or have a football field.

They can vote to turn the football field into a parking lot or if they wish to keep the football field. If they vote to keep the football field then take the buses that we taxpayers have to pay for.

If they wish more parking than the town should change the football field into a parking lot and get rid of the football team (and or other teams) or find another place,perhaps Warde to play their games.

PS I am not a resident near the school, but I think I would be upset if I couldn't park near my house.

Sal Busciolano