Letters to the Editor: In support of Vahey

In support of Vahey

To the editor:

I wish to offer this letter in enthusiastic support of Cristin McCarthy Vahey, who is running for reelection to the Connecticut House of Representatives.

I have known Cristin for several years, from the time she accepted my invitation to join a diverse group of professional women at my home for a dinner and discussion event. Whether at a small dinner or a large forum, Cristin asks the hard questions — the ones that have to be asked in order to find viable solutions — always putting Fairfield first with her keen eye focused on ways to attract business growth to our area.

Cristin is someone who cares deeply, listens carefully and acts boldly. I respect her professional work product and personal work ethic. More importantly, I like her for the kind person that she is.

We are fortunate that Cristin is our current representative for the 133rd district. Let’s keep her there. Please join me in voting for Cristin McCarthy Vahey on Tuesday, Nov. 6.

Carolyn Trabuco


Life and living in the United States of Trump

The greatest danger to politics is not at the local level nor is at the national level, usually, except when a president who is unworthy of the office channels himself into the mainstream of dysfunctional politics of his own making or of his own dysfunctional psychological mechanisms.

Always, if there is dysfunction at the local level, a remedy can ensue at the voting booth. Unfortunately, at the presidential level all becomes a matter of he says, she says, or of what they say in support of one point of view or another, and much time is wasted parsing points of view or in having to view differences under a magnifying glass, let alone having to adjudicate everything that the candidate declares about himself or a supporter says about him or her.

In my view, current state Sen. Hwang is not a bad man even as he plays a mousy game of politics. He bided his time to follow in the step of whom he perceived as his mentor and happened to win the prize that he coveted. That he wasn’t and isn’t up to the task is in my view, the problem. I assume that he could have been had he not been so fixed on the notion that Republican Trumpism was all things to all people, until such time as it will not be. So, Hwang is in the mold of many in his party’s leadership, regionally and nationally.

As for Trump, the prize is financial, and in this regard, whatever benefits is that which benefits the country. That is not all bad, nor is it all good. In the mess left behind are those who have greater needs than his or those of the party. Unfortunately, in the lower regions of the Republican camp are many who, every day suffer, for the likes of their amoral leader and like all followers of the overpromising puppet are those who suffer. innocently ignorant, for the consequences.

Gerard Coulombe


Thank you for tag sale support

We at Operation Hope of Fairfield express our thanks to the community for its support of our 29th annual tag sale, which took place Aug. 18-19. Your generosity helps us provide food, clinical support, affordable housing and hope for the future for so many.

Thanks to First Church Congregational for loaning the space to hold our largest annual communitywide event. From the nearly 300 donors who contributed merchandise to nearly 1,800 shoppers and over 350 volunteers of all ages, thank you! We are honored to work with you to support our neighbors in need.

Deep appreciation for our Tag Sale Committee, tirelessly chaired by Rob Greenbaum, Dawn Hiltz, Mike Logan and Volunteer Program Manager Donna Schmidt. And thank you to our department chairs: Lisa Bond, Joyce Bultman, Ken Camarro, Tom Camarro, Kate Carroll, Celeste Davis, Joyce and Tom Flynn, Shirley Furniss, Linda Goldstein, Phil Herr, Mary Goodman, Eleanor Gonzalez, Judi Heath, Cara Hunter, Mary Kulcsar, Sharon Rehme, Beth and Hogan Love, Joleen Marren, Sheryl Shaughnessey, Jeri Sulik, Pat Thomann and Gail McQuarrie.

Thanks to our special helpers: Alice and Jerry Krenke, Irene Kubik, Fran Glucroft, Judy Arel, Carin Anderson, Brenda Kupchick, Trudi and Stacey Durrell, Maureen Reynolds, Lara Linsenmeyer, Cathy Kochi, Andrew McKinnis, Sam Bove, Bob May, Colleen Barker, Gabi Camarro, Olivia and Sofia Cholewczynski, Ursula Deluca, Alexandra Gordon, Andrew Hiltz, Lori Martin, Christian Martin, Margaret O’Brien, Rob Bon, Sharon Risley, Kim Ryan, Jennifer O’Neill, Tanya Reis, Debbie Thunberg, Barbara Simpson and Mike Zembruski. And thanks to all our wonderful and dedicated Operation Hope volunteers, staff and board members.

Thank you to the following businesses, community partners and individuals: Al’s Warehouse Liquor Store, All American Waste, Black Rock Galleries, Boy Scout Troops 82, 88 & 90, Chip’s Fairfield, Club Pilates Fairfield, Deacon Dan Ianniello, Doughnut Inn, Equinox Southport, F45 Training Fairfield, Fairfield Police Department & Special Traffic team, Fairfield Rotary Club, Fairfield DPW, First County Bank, Gaelic American Bag Pipers, Gold Coast Liquidators, Harry’s Wine & Liquor Market, Henry C. Reid & Son Jewelers, Mo’s Wine & Spirits, NCL Fairfield & Ridgefield, People’s Bank, Pivot Ministry, SASO Boys & Girls (Fairfield), Sound Runner, Sport Hill Farm, St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, Sturges Ridge of Fairfield, Super Duper Weenie, The Pantry, UHAUL, Village Bagels, Warde High School Football Team, Webster Bank, Westy Self Storage.

We apologize for any unintentional omissions or errors. We are grateful to all who helped.

Thanks to you, Operation Hope has been able to end chronic homelessness and help people build sustainable lives. We are still feeding and housing hundreds of people each year. As our shelter evolves into a homeless response center focused on outreach and crisis resolution, there is still a lot of work to do. Now, more than ever, we rely on and are grateful for your support.

Carla Miklos

Executive Director, Operation Hope

Hwang truly cares

To the editor:

When I read the petty, irrelevant comments that people made about Sen. Tony Hwang, I was thoroughly disgusted. Tony Hwang doesn’t need a slogan or catch phrase to precede his name. What he says he will do, he does to the best of his ability. Not only does the job get done, it gets done without any political mudslinging and is always willing to reach across the aisle. He walks the walk and talks the talk without any negativity, he wholeheartedly cares about the people he represents.

The week before Christmas 2016, we received the horrendous, life-altering news that my husband’s cancer had returned. One night we were sitting at home, our doorbell rang. I was shocked to see Tony Hwang standing on our porch, offering not just condolences, but his help. He sincerely asked what we needed and if there was anything that he could do to help to please let him know. A year later, I was diagnosed with cancer, and Tony Hwang was one of the first to call and ask what he could do for us. Tony puts his money where his mouth is when he preaches about kindness and his passionate support of the constituents of his district.

Connecticut is in serious fiscal trouble. The problems the residents of this state are facing are very real, and many are faced with the harsh reality of having to uproot and leave their home. In recent years, more and more people struggle to pay their bills. These are real issues that real people have to deal with, they don’t need to listen to the petty name calling, finger pointing and lies. Tony Hwang’s track record speaks for itself, and he will indubitably continue to fight for the people of Connecticut in a positive, uplifting manner when he is re-elected.

I commend Tony Hwang for the job he’s done and we will never forget the kindness he bestowed upon us in our time of need. There’s no doubt he will continue to do absolutely all he can for the people he represents.

Patricia Lucas