To the Editor:

As a former educator and Darien public school administrator who has dealt responsibly and compassionately with mayhem on campus, and, dare I say, murder, not the usual order of business for a public high school administrator, I empathize with those students who wish for an active, personal response to death and mayhem by guns in schools, nationwide.

However, I happen to believe that a better start and application of their effort would be more appropriate and personal if they were to help in addressing some of the social and economic problems within their own schools.

I feel that not all, but some, cannot engage in their school without being unaware of some of the injustices that exist within the confines of the school, within groups, or as a result of fracases that spontaneously erupt as a result of insult or anger.

Let them engage with their parents, teachers, administrators and between themselves in order to advance justice and to save themselves for better days ahead.

Thad G. Coulombe


To The Editor:

A recent article in this paper proclaimed Fairfield’s zero tolerance of animal leash laws across town parks and trails. While animal attacks are not to be taken lightly it is the irresponsible owners who are at fault. If you know your dog is aggressive toward other dogs and or people you have no business at a dog park. As recent as last spring I recall animal control officers in town stopping people walking their dogs and asking to see their poop bags.

Apparently someone complained about dog poop on their property. So I got to thinking, I have been complaining to town officials for at least two years now about the speeding and running of stop signs in my area, to no avail. I also thought, ‘wow, we have drunk driving, people on cell phones, robberies, mentally disturbed people getting guns and I can go on and on.

I wonder what things would be like if everything were treated as seriously as dog poop?

Richard R. Costello