To the Editor:

I hate getting hosed.

That’s exactly how I felt when I left the Fairfield Water Polution Control Authority meeting on Oct. 25. Unfortunately, I fear many other Fairfield residents will suffer the same fate. The board recently increased the minimum bill by 25 percent to $125 a year, regardless of actual water consumption. My wife and I live simply. No pool, hot tub or 45-minute hot showers (our children no longer live at home). We’ve followed the water-use suggestion of the water companies to conserve such a critical resource.

We bought containers from the utility water company to collect rain water from our down spouts. This was used to water our garden. We took the drought and the warning from the water companies seriously. We assumed the WPCA would share and perhaps applaud our efforts. Boy were we wrong.

Our 2017 bill from the WPCA, even including the latest increase in its unit charge (water use), would have been $70 for the year. However, we will now pay $55 more to meet the new minimum tax. A $55 penalty for not using enough water. The chairman of the WPCA likened the minimum fee to the gas company charging $14 a month even if you use no gas. The gas company is a for profit private utility. The WPCA is not.

My family is being charged a tax on a service not rendered (treatment of our waste water). Perhaps a more equitable method would be to increase the unit price on gallons treated. Kind of like the water suppliers; you pay for what you get.

We have paid the this new tax. We have no choice. So much for the drought warnings. It is apparent the WPCA is raising funds to refurbish the treatment plant at the expanse of seniors who attempt to be more cautious in their use of important critical needs. I’m paying for 15,000 gallons of waste water that I didn’t generate. That’s enough to fill a average in-ground swimming pool.

So grab your towels, because the hosing has began.

David and Rita Thornton


To the Editor:

The Dems seemed gleeful in Fairfield, across Connecticut and in other spots across the country on (Election Day). They won some elections and seemed to reclaim some “power.” And sadly, I suspect that’s all they wanted in the end — power. For if they face their public service challenges honestly, all they won was the opportunity to go to work in a 250-degree boiler room and try to put down the fires raging all around them.

Those would be the fires the Republicans were trying to contain and extinguish over the past couple cycles. Fairfield is locked into union contracts driving $10 million increases in taxes annually ... forever. The state is virtually bankrupt and facing $2 billion-plus deficits over the next cycle and is experiencing a steady outflow of residents, businesses and jobs. The country is $20 trillion in debt and roaring along with no balancing in sight.

The Dems will assume the majority in Fairfield’s RTM — so they can make the cuts, hard choices, stop the tax increases and right-size the bureaucracy. “No way,” you laugh — it will never happen. No, I don’t think so either.

They were elected on child-like promises about education, health care and libraries, and claims that Republicans are “mean-spirited.” Sadly, my neighbors would rather be lied to than face reality. But either way they’re gonna have to live in reality. The Dems will never stop their baseless promising, but there’s no utopia at the end of all this — just a financial debacle that they’ll make all of us live through. This nasty experiment has been run so many times in the past century, and there’s a live experiment culminating right now in Venezuela. And they’ve all proved Maggie Thatcher correct: “Eventually you run out of other people’s money.”

Bob MacGuffie