Letters to the Editor: Meaningless assurances ... and more

Meaningless assurances

To the Editor:

I am extremely distressed that Town Officials and an epidemiologist hired by the Town have assured parents that they should not worry about their children who may have come home covered with soil from contaminated fields in Town.

My beautiful wife, Joy, was a teacher in Fairfield for 26 years. She was exposed to carcinogens and contamination in her classroom at North Stratfield School after a botched renovation project several years ago. We were assured at that time by Town and BOE officials that there was nothing to worry about. Joy developed bone marrow cancer and it was determined by doctors at Yale that the cancer was directly related to these exposures at her school, notwithstanding the assurances we had been given by the officials we had trusted.

Joy suffered for nine years and she died from this cancer four months ago. I am broken-hearted and my family will never recover, but it has become clear to me that these assurances are meaningless and there will never, ever be any accountability

Jim Gallagher


Questions ‘sales pitch’

To the Editor:

“The town said it decided to proceed with remediation, even though the state Department of Health, out of Hartford, advised that the low levels detected at non-residential settings would pose few health risks.” So goes the latest story on the fill pile.

The town, aka the First Selectman, is using the state department of health to justify resetting the goal posts on health and safety here in town. Were it not for the ridiculous and irresponsible contract the First Selectman signed with a local earthwork contractor in the first place, the “low levels” would not have been detected at all and there would be no health risks posed at all instead of “few” health risks. Schools may be “nonresidential” settings, but at least when I went to school I spent more time at the schools than any residence.

The First Selectman, with Hartford’s help, is giving the used car salesmen of the 50’s and 60’s a run for their money when it comes to the sales pitch. Too bad our lemon laws only apply to car purchases and not elected officials. Don’t believe for one minute that our lemon of a First Selectman can be made into lemonade.

This letter has not been approved by, or coordinated with, any political party or any political candidate.

Jim Brown


Donald the kid

To the Editor:

Trump is the same Trump that he was as a kid. Any school principal or master would recognize him. One hopes that the kid will change, as he grows up, but, he doesn’t for one reason or another, the main reason being that Trump is who is: Donald, the kid in kindergarten; Donald, the kid in grammar school; Donald, the kid in secondary school; and, Donald, the kid who is said to have gone to college and, maybe, graduate school, too. We know very little about the education of President Trump. From the little we know about his being a high school cadet and football player, we know that he got into some kind of trouble; we don’t know, exactly, what kind.

But some of President Trump’s erratic practices and statements, of late, show that he lacks judgment. For the sake of clarity, a dictionary description of “judgment” is the “capacity to relate things to power and general concepts.” The President of late is incapable of doing any of this.

Alas, so many citizens will disagree and hope that he keeps his eyes on the markets and his hands behind his back and off the phones to his mouthpieces, the FOX kids, to prevent politics from turning completely upside down.

Meanwhile, let’s hold the next summit at Mar Lago: This is Mr. Trump’s biggest idea to date. And, the President wants to invite the President of Russia to hide in one of the grand hotel’s best “presidential” suites, and at the appropriate time, when all dignitaries have gathered for the grand show, Vladimir Putin will be the featured male dancer among the female dancers for the gala show. For Mr. Putin. It won’t be his first.

Wouldn’t be a triumph for the President to be able to sneak Putin in like that at the next G-7 meeting. Plenty of time to get the secret planning underway. And, please, don’t forget, I just gave Mr. Trump the idea for sneaking Putin in.

G. Coulombe