To the Editor:

If an issue can be elucidated in 250 words or less, the typical politician and bureaucrat will use 10 times that amount to assure the preservation of its position and agenda.

A few months ago the press reported the release of the FBI report on the Newtown massacre. The Connecticut State's Attorney said there was nothing new there. Maybe so for him. For me the press reports brought to light a couple of new observations about the shooter, Adam Lanza.

One observation was that the young male adult, Lanza, suffered from the eating disorder, anorexia nervosa.

While his theretofore physical description might have suggested anorexia, I certainly never heard of that diagnosis from the state.

More commonly associated with woman, anorexia often results in early death. One in five of those deaths being by suicide.

Another observation was that the young Lanza found his mother to be a major stressor in his life. While the description of his actions months prior to the slaughter, which began with killing his mother, might have indicated that, this was the first time I have seen such a conclusion by the government.

There stills seems to be no explanation for why Lanza targeted the elementary school in Newtown, which he once attended, for the slaughter of twenty six innocents and his suicide.

There may never be an explanation, either.

While emotions rightly continue to run high with those directly impacted by the Newtown and similar tragedies, our government needs to look at these tragedies with an objective clinical eye. Political and bureaucratic agendas need to be set aside.

Without true objectivity solutions to these vexing problems will remain elusive.

Jim Brown


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