To the Editor:

President Trump’s National Security Advisor, Michael Flynn, resigned within a month of taking office. All part of a great deceptive kerfuffle about contacts with Russia. I would suggest this will lead to the same place as chasing a second gunman on the grassy knoll. The Left may take solace in exacting a scalp from the Administration. But if one steps back to look at the big picture, this episode lays bare a struggle beneath the surface, which if not curtailed could actually deal a mortal blow to our free constitutional republic.

It has now been revealed to all of us watching that within the U.S. intelligence community i.e. the NSA, CIA, FBI there are hardened progressive and traditional cells. This certainly does not comprise all agents, but most likely small numbers of ideologues willing to break the law and leak for publication, classified information about public officials and American citizens. Why - simply because they disagree ideologically with either the president (their boss), or a major candidate for federal office. This is critically different from the average bureaucrat “leaking” information on a federal program. Make no mistake, these intelligence leaks of wiretapped Americans are illegal. This battle within the “permanent government”, which ignores and defies the authority of its chain of command, does indeed pose a mortal threat to our constitutional republic.

Defenders of these leaks say the “leakers” are acting in defense of the Constitution. That is a supreme deception. Had it existed, the “leakers” would have revealed the detrimental or illegal text of Flynn’s conversations - none was forthcoming, or will be. And the hostile political operatives masquerading as journalists know that. The conversations never carried any illegal content. That’s probably news to many. Because I’m sure most of those reading this letter don’t know that the FBI already investigated Flynn about his conversations with the Russian ambassador, and the FBI advised Friday, 2/17 that they “do not expect to pursue charges against Michael Flynn.” We must recognize, the republic can not long withstand a public battle between factions of the permanent government holding the most confidential secrets of its citizens.

Bob MacGuffie


Put the brakes on police spending spree

To the Editor:

A tactical (heavy weapons) team? A crisis negotiation team? A sniper team? Yes, Fairfield Police have all three, but we do not need any of them. Somebody needs to put the brakes on the spending spree at the fiefdom known as Fairfield Police.

All of these emergency service functions can and should be provided to Fairfield by the CT State Police. The better police executives and better municipal mangers will tell you that, too. And as CSP has pointed out many many times in the past, these emergency police services are available to our town just for the asking. CSP can deliver them just as well, if not better, and just as fast, if not faster, too.

General Electric has left the building. The loss of revenue from that departure means an automatic across the board five per cent increase in every town issued tax bill next time around. That is if the just the status quo is maintained. Forget about raises and cost increases.

The state even has a reverse 911 system, called CTAlert, which the town can use. That would be in lieu of Fairfield Police continuing to buy into the proprietary Code Red as it does today. If the Fairfield Police Commission, command and union keeps having its fiefdom-building ways, our taxes will never be brought under control.

Fairfield Police need to refocus their efforts and begin to excel in delivering basic municipal police services to our town. And they need to achieve the long promised national accreditation in that regard so we can all be assured, by the command's industry peers around the country, that our department is more than just a self interested dog and pony show.

Jim Brown


Tax would affect patient care

To the Editor:

If enacted, the governor’s taxation proposal as it pertains to Connecticut hospitals would indeed be a disaster that would affect the quality of care for everyone. (Editorial, “What we like (and don’t) in budget pitch,” Feb. 10)

As the policy debates heat up, I will be reminding my colleagues at the state Capitol that every dollar that a hospital is taxed represents funding that is diverted from direct patient care. Our state’s not-for-profit hospitals cannot simply pack up and move to a more business-friendly state as many for-profit companies have contemplated or done. They are dedicated to serving our local communities by providing lifesaving treatments and interventions.

As one senior industry executive warned last year, “We’re being taxed into oblivion.” Are we listening?

State Sen. Tony Hwang


Editor’s note: Hwang represents the 28th District towns of Easton, Fairfield, Newtown, Weston and Westport.

Impeachment calls laughable

To the Editor:

Protesters lately have exhibited an extreme level of hostility with their vitriolic chants and banner-waving antics, proclaiming their mantra of “We are all immigrants.”

That would be erroneous. Especially since, to further their cause, they conveniently leave out the word ‘illegal.’

We are not all immigrants. By definition, an immigrant is “ a person who comes to live in a foreign country.”

I did not come to live in a foreign country. My parents were born in this country. My maternal grandparents were born in this country. My paternal grandparents came here from Italy after going through the legal process to enter this country.

So, no, we are not all illegal immigrants.

Further, on the issue of the ill-informed protesters, is the tiresome rant “Impeach Trump.”

Again, by definition, to impeach is to accuse the holder of a public office of misconduct. As put forth in Article 2, Sec. 4, acts of treason, bribery or other high crimes need to be proven.

Keep in mind, our President has been in office for 4 weeks and a call for impeachment has been laughingly disseminated from day 1.

That’s just not possible. Look, if you’re unhappy, disenchanted or are otherwise just pouting due to the election, put together some honest, cohesive talking points and lay to rest the desperate one-liners that foment at the sporadic rallies.

You just can’t call for impeachment because your choice lost.

Joseph Miro


Trickling down

0from above

To the Editor:

Donald Trump presides according to his own massive ego and darily flaunts our American values.

The Republican Congress has followed suit, having lost any common sense, decency and respect for basic American values and is on a rampage of destroy and control.

Linda McMahon, nominee for secretary of the Small Business Administration says she will divest all of her assets in hedge funds completely — unless she first obtains a written waiver. Under this administration and its practices, it is an absolute “given” that she would prevail.

And the Fairfield GOP, with Messrs. Bateson and Tymniak feeling the need to call for a “closed meeting” — what’s the secret? — on the issue of a special election, has flagrantly refused to hold said special election in June, despite the fact that the town attorney, the secretary of the state and her legal staff, and a qualifying petition from the residents of the town all indicate such an election is legal and proper.

From federal to state to local, I can only presume that these arrogant attitudes, practices and policies of divide and dissent are what is called the “trickle-down effect.”

And it all comes from the top of the heap.

Sunnie Strauss