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Road Race

To the Editor:

As usual the winners of this race and prize money are from Ethiopia or some other country.

While I applaud the winners, let's face it they are professionals.In my opinion it is not fair that a local race should include professionals from overseas or for that matter from this country. Maybe I should race the fastest man alive Bolt, would this be a fair race? I think not.

This is how they make a living and thus they should not be part of a local race. If they wish to run in the major marathons around the country that is fine because they will be racing against the best in the world, but come on, this is a local race. Eliminate prize money and I will bet professionals will not enter.

PS: I am in my 70s and did not enter this race so I had no dog in this fight, I just think it would be fairer to eliminate prize money and keep the pros out.

Sal Busciolano


Statement on anti-Semitism

in our community

To the Editor:

As clergy in the town of Fairfield, serving both Jewish and Christian congregations, we were deeply troubled by the reports of anti-Semitic taunts hurled at players during a lacrosse game between two local teams. Religious bigotry has no place here, and we affirm the statements since made by school and community leaders committing to the ongoing work of tolerance and inclusion.

Yet the responsibility for such work rests not just on them, but on us all. Anti-Semitism is an ugly stain on our fabric, and its removal will require a commitment by all of us, across all faiths. The words spoken by our young people are but a reflection of what, somewhere, they have learned. And so it falls to us to create communities in which all are valued, all traditions honored, and no one is subjected to hatred simply for who they are and the faith they represent. We must, together, reject all expressions of intolerance.

As clergy of this town, we commit to leadership in a collective effort to end religious bigotry. We invite all the community to seek opportunities to learn from one another, and to listen to the voices of those who have experienced exclusion.

We live in a wonderful town, with teens who make us proud in so many ways, and with examples of compassion and kindness all around us. Our vision is of a Fairfield even better than it is now. We pledge to work toward that vision, in the name of the God who created us all, and in whose image we are each made.

Rev. Dr. Alida Ward, Greenfield Hill Congregational Church

The Rev. Margaret R. Hodgkins, Rector, Trinity Episcopal Church

Rev. Samuel S. Kachuba, S.T.L., St. Pius X Catholic Church

Rabbi Marcelo Kormis, Congregation Beth El

The Rev. Kevin Olds, Rector, St. Timothy’s Episcopal Church

Rev. Dr. Susan Owen, The Carolton

The Rev. Canon Diane Peterson, Deacon, Trinity Episcopal Church

Rabbi James Prosnit, Congregation B’nai Israel

Reverend Vanessa Payne Rose, First Church Congregational

Rev. Dr. David Rowe, Greenfield Hill Congregational Church

Rabbi Evan Schultz, Congregation B’nai Israel

Rev. David Spollett, First Church Congregational

Rev. Dr. Vern Swett, First Church Congregational

Rev. Laura Whitmore, Southport Congregational Church

Rev. Paul Whitmore, Southport Congregational Church

Where is Trump leading us?

To the Editor:

In our beautiful small part of the United States and the world, I believe that local Republicans and Democrats alike are innocents in our own state of affairs, ignorant or insouciant, as may be, that. President Trump has been creating for us a world unlike any other. For we have learned to appreciate our country because of the millions who have died or been wounded safeguarding it and building it up.

I wonder, where is President Donald Trump leading the country? For whom is he advocating?

It seems to me and to some that a majority of Republicans appear to know. We others who feel in the dark would like to know.

The question is one that ought to be on everyone's mind. Where is Trump taking the USA? The answer is overdue. Trump's posturing is not reassuring. Posturing is neither diplomatic nor American.

Gerard Coulombe


Mischaracterization of my letter

To the Editor:

“Similarly, Jim Brown’s letter takes Chris Murphy, Democratic Senator from Connecticut, to task for seemingly feeling unique in taking on the gun lobby when all the while it is, in his view, a combined party effort to address the issue of too many weapons of war in the hands of somewhat distraught individuals, including, minors.”

Wow! I will never get a Pulitzer Prize for writing let alone an A, or even a lowly B+, in basic high school English. However, to have a self proclaimed “32-year veteran of school supervision and administration” so blatantly mischaracterize the intended message of my letter in such a way just blew my mind. My letter originally appeared in the Fairfield Citizen 25 May edition and was entitled by the newspaper itself as “Throwing politics into tragedy.”

Then again, in freshman English, when I had to find and interpret some deep meaning supposedly embodied in a century old boring poem, I almost always got it wrong in the mind of the college professor. I probably should not have been so surprised given the academic source.

So I will just have to take solace in the fact that multiple people, who commented to me personally on my original letter about Murphy’s shameful and ineffective political grandstanding on the gun issue, saw my message not only much differently than the quoted administrator did, but also as I had originally hoped for.

Jim Brown


Be Careful on

the Fourth

To the Editor:

This Fourth of July, Americans everywhere will toast to our nation’s 242st birthday. Fireworks will light the night sky as friends, families, and communities gather together to celebrate our independence.

While summer holidays are a great chance to enjoy a cold beer in the summer sun, always remember to celebrate responsibly. This Independence Day weekend, let’s give America the best birthday gift we can by always planning ahead for a safe ride home and helping keep our roads safe for all.

Over the past 35 years, Anheuser-Busch and its wholesaler partners have invested more than $1 billion in the United States to promote alcohol responsibility and help prevent drunk driving.

These holiday weekends, and every weekend, remember that drunk driving is 100 percent preventable when we all do our part. Get a ride. Call a cab. Take a train. Whatever you do, care enough to get home safely. Have a fun and safe holiday!

Tony Lota

Alcohol Awareness Coordinator

Dichello Distributors, Inc.