She’s voting for McCabe on Nov. 6

To the Editor:

It’s not news that Connecticut’s in trouble. But our problem’s not just fiscal. We have a crisis of government, not simply a matter of taxes, budgets and Moody ratings. And it’s a problem that’s been a long time coming. Solutions require vision, candor, commitment to compromise, a fierce streak of innovative spirit, and experience working with all the people of Connecticut.

Michelle Lapine McCabe has all those qualities.

Some people believe government is the enemy, the “them,” not “us.” I don’t believe that. Neither does Michelle.

Michelle believes in government because she understands the meaning and significance of the American dream. The first time I heard her speak, she spoke of the origin of that term. Historian James Truslow Adams coined it in 1931 as, “That dream of a land in which life should be better and richer and fuller for every man, with opportunity for each according to his ability or achievement.” Not vast wealth, not celebrity, not superiority of self. The key was opportunity for all who live in our country.

Michelle knows that our government — of the people, by the people, for the people — requires knowledge and commitment to all the people. Her career has been in public service. The substance of laws matters to her because she’s seen firsthand how they affect the people of Connecticut. As director of the Center for Food Equity and Economic Development at the Council of Churches of Greater Bridgeport, she’s worked with and for the people of our cities. As a Fairfield resident who has lived in Fairfield with her three sons for the past 14 years, she knows the suburb’s concerns. She has all it takes to revitalize the American dream in Connecticut.

I’ll be voting for Michelle Lapine McCabe for state Senate. I hope you will, too.

Carlisle Spivey


Support Maxham

for probate judge

To the Editor:

Since 1998, Kate Neary Maxham has been the staff attorney at the Fairfield Probate Court who worked alongside Judge Daniel Caruso. She offers the experience, expertise and continuity our court deserves. Her efficiency, knowledge and willingness to assist has made her a definite go-to on the part of our firm.

Kate always made herself available to help us with difficult legal issues and the research and reasoning necessary to serve our clients to the best of our ability. Without a doubt, we know that Kate’s election as probate judge would continue the legacy that Dan provided, ensuring that the court is accessible to all. Her very keen legal knowledge and reasoning backed by research, both legislative and case law, brings to our constituency the highest and most efficient court we could hope for.

Kate’s experience is the gift being offered to us. We hope that we’ll all be wise enough to take advantage.

Lyn Eliovson and Christine Tenore


Supports Vahey in 133rd District race

To the Editor:

Mark your calendars now to vote on Nov. 6. It is our responsibility and privilege to exercise this right that is at the core of our democracy.

I will be voting for Cristin McCarthy Vahey as my state representative for the 133rd District. I first met Cristin when I joined the Representative Town Meeting. I was immediately impressed with her passionate concern for issues, while always remaining respectful and open to others who held different views. She has remained that way over the years as a leader in the RTM, a member of the Board of Selectmen and a state representative.

These qualities drive her to care deeply for the people of Fairfield, and to advance issues and vote on legislation based on what is the best solution, regardless of who, or which party, proposed it. Her independence of thought is shown by her votes against budget issues endorsed by the Democratic caucus, but unfair to Fairfield. She is also tireless in finding out the facts about important issues. For example, although the intricacies of the state pension system are not something that one would naturally gravitate toward, Cristin recognizes that the only way to intelligently vote upon issues related to such a key issue in our state is to understand it.

By reading up on the issues, attending seminars and talking with many experts, she has quietly become a go-to person on the floor of the chamber when pension issues are being considered. It is that type of diligence and cooperation that causes her to find intelligent and fair solutions to our pressing problems. That is the type of person who I want to represent me and the 133rd District in Hartford.

Christopher Brogan


Check out Music Theatre of Connecticut

To the Editor:

When I walked out of the theater after seeing last Friday night’s opening preview of “Jekyll and Hyde” the musical, it took me a few moments to realize I was not in the theater district in Manhattan. I did not have to check the train schedule to see if I would make the next train back to Fairfield, nor did I have to pick up my car and pay a ridiculous price in the New York lot.

I was on Westport Avenue in Norwalk a few blocks down from Stew Leonard’s, and my car was a few steps in front of me parked in Music Theatre of Connecticut’s free lot. That’s how magnificent this musical was! If you want to see a Broadway-quality musical with the New York City equity actors in a professional blackbox theater where the farthest seats are 10 feet from the stage and totally handicapped accessible, I urge you to get tickets to see this incredible show before it closes on Oct. 14.

The acting, singing, costumes and did I mention the five-piece orchestra will blow you away? You have to check out Music Theatre of Connecticut. If you’ve been there before, don’t miss the show. If you haven’t discovered the MTC yet, call the box office before it’s sold out!

Sue Klein


Testimonial for

Kate Neary Maxham

To the Editor:

The reason I’m writing this letter is to share my firsthand experience with Kate Neary Maxham and the staff at the Fairfield Probate Court following the death of my parents.

Despite mourning the untimely loss of their leader, Dan Caruso, Kate and the members of the staff were more than helpful every time I stopped into the office or called for assistance. They explained my duties as executor and promptly provided the forms that I would need. I very much appreciate how they guided me through what could have been a confusing and frustrating process. Much of the credit for the seamless functioning of the office must go to Dan’s longtime assistant, attorney Kate Neary Maxham.

Fairfield is lucky to have someone as professional, courteous and well-qualified as Kate to fill the position of judge in our Probate Court. I look forward to voting for Kate on Election Day and I encourage everyone reading this letter to do the same.

Bob Seirup


In favor of

Michelle McCabe

To the Editor:

Michelle McCabe understands my disappointment in Tony Hwang. He votes along the same strict party lines that have led to the Kavanaugh fiasco in Washington.

On critical issues, Tony Hwang always votes in lock-step with his Republican colleagues: against protecting net neutrality, against early voting, against family leave, and in favor of allowing guns in state parks (really!), in favor of loosening restrictions on ammunition sales (really!), and in favor of repealing Citizen’s Election funding.

The most disappointing party-line vote was the Republican refusal to approve Governor Malloy’s nomination of Andrew McDonald as our chief justice. Tony Hwang’s vote against this worthy man did not represent me nor my wishes in Hartford.

It is clearly time for a change and, thankfully, the Democrats have offered us a stellar choice in Michelle McCabe. She is bright, committed, concerned, thoughtful, caring and very much in touch with the wants and needs of the people at this end of the state.

If you want someone representing you in the Hartford Senate who has a mind of their own and the courage to vote that way, I am asking you to join me in electing Michelle McCabe on Nov. 6.

She most certainly has my vote.

Patricia DaSilva


Elect Maxham as probate judge

To the Editor:

Having both a personal and professional relationship with Fairfield’s Probate Court, I know firsthand that Kate Maxham is the most qualified person to continue the excellent work the people of Fairfield have come to know.

The probate judge deals with many varying issues. Kate Maxham has shown, throughout her years as Dan’s most capable assistant, that she can handle all the issues with compassion, knowledge and skill. Kate will make a terrific judge and should be a unanimous choice. On this matter I can only hope that you, the citizens of Fairfield, vote not as a Republican or Democrat, but as someone who wants to elect the best candidate.

I urge you to elect Kate Maxham as Fairfield’s next probate judge.

Fred Caruso


More than awareness: Changes in law needed

While I like men who will on occasion walk in their wives’ shoes, it is not something habitual, even for a man who puts on a pair of high heels to do a crotchety walk along a highway median’s yellow line, all in good fun to support the cause of righteous men for battered women.

I think there is a more fundamental problem and a greater reason to support women who are not only assaulted, but often victimized twice by judges and courts that continue to subscribe to the notion that the stipulations of law, alone, is altogether sufficient to cause “injured” men to scoff at when restraining orders are issued because men who assault their girlfriends or wives believe that it is always their prerogative to get the mouthy, audaciously, insubordinate or spiteful wife or girlfriend under control.

For me, it has always been the stories of men who are mouthy, gun-toting ruffian types and wickedly weak, beer-loving brawlers who go after the women and the babes they carry with them, because of some perceived slight or injury that they cannot live with or without them. Because they have been affronted by the women whose strengths they envy and whose weaknesses fail to sustain their own pernicious habits, such as alcohol, laziness, whoring off duty while feeling that the lady at home, while a “b-i-t-c-h,” never properly submits to suffering punishment, and far too often endures in shame or self-sacrifice the abusing partner or hubby until something happens that is so foul that it makes these gems to run afoul of the law.

When these men do run afoul, they feel trapped, and want justice, and, for them, justice can only be found at the end of the punishment stick, be it cudgel or gun.

While I applaud those who wish to provide salve for the women affected, I would, at least and as much, prefer definitively stronger laws than exist on the books that deter and prevent spousal abuse and murder.

Just how to get these laws on the books is the great quandary, in my view. While I applaud agencies that raise money on behalf of programs for abused women, I look forward to a courageous system of lawful isolation if not confinement for perpetrators, especially violent offenders.

States have been too lenient, far too long. Do more than throw the book at them.

Gerard Coulombe


Hwang a compassionate, caring choice

To the Eitor:

As a state employee working in the field of child protection for 25 years, I’ve seen firsthand how the adage “the more government does, the less it does well” rings true.

One outstanding example is that programs proven to prevent child abuse and neglect are insufficiently funded, partly because of the overwhelming expense of trying to manage its aftermath. As a result, more money is needed for programs to address the aftermath of abuse and neglect — increased rates of mental health and substance abuse issues and foster care payments.

Our state needs to turn that cycle around, but will only do so when we have a majority of caring leaders like our state Sen. Tony Hwang who are prepared to identify government’s top priorities and make tough choices.

Sen. Tony Hwang understands the importance of government focusing on its core priorities, including ensuring that our most at-risk and vulnerable are protected and that an effective safety net is available to our neediest citizens.

Sen. Hwang has fought for measures to improve school safety and ensure a productive educational environment for all our students. He increased the penalties to individuals who threaten our schools. He fought to restore educational funding to our school, despite proposed draconian cuts by Gov. Malloy.

Hwang has advocated for our seniors, disabled and veterans, by working tirelessly to maintain the Medicare Savings Program, support individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities, and provide needed funding to the Department of Veterans’ Affairs.

Tony Hwang has consistently served us as an independent voice for common sense governing and budgeting that adequately protects children and supports those in need while promoting a social, business and educational environment that enhances opportunities for all citizens. I am in full support of the re-election of Sen. Hwang.

Carolyn Signorelli

Sandy Hook

McCabe the leader state needs

To the Editor:

Everyone knows and likes Sen. Tony Hwang. His charisma and affability have certainly contributed to his success in recent elections. While I like Tony as a person, I strongly believe that he is not the person who should be representing us in the state Senate.

Tony’s votes against net neutrality, in favor of allowing guns in state parks, and against a bond authorization for desperately needed infrastructure investments (almost exactly a year after a passenger train derailed in our town!) place him firmly on the wrong side of history on all of these issues.

I believe we need a change of leadership, and I am voting for Michelle Lapine McCabe to represent the best interests of our region. Michelle is a dynamic and energetic woman who has the experience and knowledge necessary to make real change. Michelle’s career in economic development has given her the skills and experience to be an effective leader. She is committed to strengthening our economy, improving our transportation system, and enacting common-sense gun safety laws. I believe that her progressive values and highly pragmatic approach to economic issues make her the perfect candidate to represent us in Hartford.

Matt Jacobs

RTM District 3, Fairfield

Maxham most qualified for probate judge

To the editor:

Registered voters of Fairfield will be voting for a new judge of probate in November. While the ballot will have a Democrat and a Republican to select from, the fundamentals of this position do not boil down to party affiliation. You will even note that, while driving through town, there are many lawns which display campaign signs for various Republican candidates while also displaying the campaign sign for the Democratic candidate for judge of probate, Kate Neary Maxham.

The decisions of a judge of probate are not based on party lines, they are based on the law and the best interests of the individuals involved. In 1998, the late Judge Caruso, a Republican, chose Kate Neary Maxham, a Democrat, to be the Fairfield Probate Court’s staff attorney because he knew her, trusted her and believed she was the most qualified person for the position — capable, knowledgeable, patient, compassionate, empathetic and experienced.

For almost 20 years, Kate has been working in the Fairfield Probate Court, assisting and guiding members of our community as they navigate, often-times, complex situations during some of the most emotionally difficult and challenging times in their lives.

There is no substitute for experience. Do you select your health care provider, mechanic, attorney or accountant based on their political affiliation or do you base your selection on their qualifications and experience? Selecting your judge of probate should be no different. The most qualified and experienced candidate for judge of probate is Kate Neary Maxham.

Hogan and Beth Love


Hwang supports small business values

To the Editor:

Last June was a bittersweet day for myself when we decided to close down our family business after 27 years. I can point to many variables of what caused us to close Crossroads Hardware: the Amazon/Home Depot effect, higher costs and changing lifestyle habits. If you don’t think the policies, taxes and stifling regulations from Hartford have helped destroy small businesses like ours, and others throughout the state, you either are in denial or misinformed.

We closed our business, but something happened that I never expected was the tremendous outpouring of love, support and affection from our community. What I felt as a personal failure, was replaced by a thank you for being an integral part of the community. Crossroads was more than just a store. It was a place where people were treated as more than just a transaction. We created relationships, and those relationships blossomed into lifetime customers and friends.

We believed in and were true to our core values, and so does Sen. Tony Hwang.

Tony Hwang believes in those same values of commitment to community. Tony has fought for us against Gov. Malloy’s policy over the last eight years of extending unsustainable union contracts, higher taxes, and cuts to education and social services.

I know just by the outpouring of support for my family and our store from our community, that having small family businesses and meaningful relationships does matter to people. They do care about being a part of a community. To get some of this back, we need people like Tony Hwang back in Hartford with people who share a similar vision of community and growth rather then the “tax and spend” government we’ve had in Hartford. Please join me in voting for Tony Hwang.

Jimmy Izzo

RTM 3, Westport

Hwang unites, not divides us

To the editor:

Some voters this November may be affected by the vitriol of the national political environment, and sadly that practice has trickled down locally as evident by the fear and smear campaigns adopted by many political operatives and unwitting participants who sow division and demeaning personal attacks.

Next month, I will vote for Tony Hwang to be my state senator. Tony has demonstrated by his experience and actions to be a unique leader that unites, not divide us. Those values are reinforced by his demonstrated commitment to his community and its’ people.

Tony takes his position as a commitment, not a privilege. He is the people’s senator, always sharing, supporting, listening and caring. Tony values the diversity in his constituency. He is always participating to offer his support regardless of political affiliation. He is constantly engaged with the needs of his community.

We need this type of collaborative politician within the ranks of our currently volatile political environment. We need to support community leaders who work diligently to meet the interests and needs of all of their constituencies.

This is what Sen. Tony Hwang represents. This is what Sen. Tony Hwang is about. For all of this and more is why I will vote to return Tony Hwang as my state senator in Hartford.

Dr. Ahmed Ebrahim


Kate Neary Maxham for probate judge

To the Editor:

Fairfield Probate Judge Daniel Caruso was beloved in my family and we were saddened to hear of his passing. As a foster parent, Fairfield Probate Court presided over two adoptions for my family, both teenage boys. A few years later, when my son was hit by a car and seriously injured, we needed to enact a conservatorship; Fairfield Probate Court was there again.

Although Judge Caruso presided over the hearings, Kate Neary Maxham, his right hand, was the one who walked us through every step and provided us with contacts for outside services to help. Although never overstepping her role as staff attorney, it was clear she had a command over the legalities and rulings that was spot on.

Probate Court is life court: from the ordinary like wills, trusts, and passport applications to life-rocking issues such as guardianship, adoption, committing those suffering from mental illness, drug addiction or alcoholism to health care, emancipation of minors and more. During these intensely personal times, competence, compassion and continuity at the courthouse will steady you. Kate Neary Maxham, with over 20 years at Fairfield Probate Court, ticks every box.

Probate judge is probably not the first thing on your mind as you consider your votes, but when real life knocks at your door, probate judge will be one of the most consequential votes you’ve cast. Kate Neary Maxham for Fairfield and for your family!

Becky Burgeson


Gaudiano the kind of leader we need

To the editor:

As we get closer to a critical election in Connecticut, it’s exciting to see new, dynamic leaders like Ashley Gaudiano stepping up to run for elected office. It’s long past time to acknowledge that politics as usual isn’t working. The only way to fix it is to bring new ideas and fresh perspectives to the table.

As a candidate for state representative in the 134th District, Ashley Gaudiano will bring a new kind of leadership to state government — one that encourages collaboration, prioritizes people rather than partisan politics, and seeks to implement smart, sensible, and fiscally responsible solutions.

Ashley has been working to improve the 134th District, which includes parts of Trumbull and Fairfield, already as a Trumbull Town Council member, small business owner, and community volunteer ever since planting her roots here. And that is what we need — someone who is an advocate and their core and is going into public service for the right reasons.

In 2018, in this difficult political climate we find ourselves in, we need people like Ashley fighting for us in Hartford. We need someone who will be a positive and powerful champion for our state and this community. We need someone who will truly listen to the people.

Ashley is the right person to send to Hartford to fight for this community’s best interests. Please join me in supporting her this November for state representative in the 134th District.

Cindy Perham


Does the GOP care about women?

To the Editor:

Since last week, I have witnessed a bit of a reckoning on my social media pages and in my everyday life. Multiple women (and men) have come out to say they were the victims of sexual assault or domestic violence and that watching Brett Kavanaugh crying and sniveling reminded them of what their significant other would do after they hurt them.

I’ve seen politicians from the municipal, state and federal level come out and say this should never be tolerated behavior from anyone, let alone someone who has been nominated for the Supreme Court. However all of those politicians who have spoken out have been Democrats. I have not heard a peep from the Republican politicians, that includes Fairfield’s Republican representatives.

I was curious about this silence until something was brought to my attention. Last legislative session, Senate Bill 132 came up for a vote. The bill would have offered new protections against sexual harassment in the workplace. An amendment was voted on that would have drastically weakened the bill. The amendment was ultimately rejected, but I was very disappointed to see that Fairfield’s Sen. Tony Hwang and Westport’s Sen. Toni Boucher voted yes on that amendment.

Not only are our GOP representatives complicit, they are active participants in keeping victims of sexual violence silent and too afraid to speak up. Unless of course Sen. Hwang and Sen. Boucher can give me a better explanation for their vote.

The Republicans in Washington let the Violence Against Women Act expire on Sept. 30, so I already know where they stand on a woman’s worth, but I refuse to tolerate that level of apathy from my state representatives and I plan to vote accordingly on Nov. 6.

Leanne Harpin