Ways to help

the environment

Over the next few weeks, there are two ways residents can help the environment and support the work of the Fairfield Clean Energy Task Force.

First, sign up for the Clean Energy Option at the Brick Walk Farmer's Market during it's final two Saturdays this season (Oct. 24 and Oct. 31 from 9 a.m. to noon at 1215 Post Road). Join the 750+ Fairfield residents who have already signed up and receive a free set of compact fluorescent light bulbs as a thank you. My colleague Janak Desai, who has been tirelessly promoting the Clean Energy Option every Saturday, will explain how the program works. While you are at the Farmer's Market, enjoy bumping into friends and buying some delicious locally grown produce, sustainably raised meats and eggs, local natural honey, fresh breads and baked goods, organic coffees and teas.

Second, vote for my fellow Clean Energy Task Forcers Larry Kaley (D-8) and Faith Dillon (R-9) for the RTM on Nov. 3. Kaley and Dillon are extremely caring, committed and conscientious public servants and each have many years of experience on the RTM. This year, they plan to introduce a town ordinance that would require all municipal buildings and schools to meet a higher energy-efficiency and environmental standard known as LEED. Your vote for Dillon and Kaley is a vote for the environment and for lowering town and school energy costs.

Alyssa Israel, MPH, CHES,

Healthy People & Places



We the People

supports audit

We the People (WTP) wants to thank those of you who have rallied behind our call for an independent audit of the educational system.

WTP feels that the time has come for an independent look at the operations of the educational system. There are many benefits and little downside to this endeavor:

The audit will find ways for the system to be more efficient. The resulting savings can be used to offset the increased needs of future educational budgets.

An independent audit will put to rest any concerns the public and We the People have of how effectively the educational system is using taxpayer money.

Embracing a timely review by an outside firm and implementing their audit recommendations will put the BOE on solid ground going into next year's budget.

Given Superintendent of Schools Dr. Ann Clark's decision to retire, we are confident that she will do everything in her power to support this effort and leave the system in good order for her successor

An audit will elevate discussions regarding fiscal responsibility. WTP wants to rise above pitting parents against taxpayers and eliminate inflammatory accusations that reducing the budget will hurt the children. The audit will result in productive solutions that can be used to make the system more effective at a critical time.

Finally, I think it is important to say that every member of WTP desires an exceptional educational system and recognizes that such a system supports property values. Our members have supported all previous budgets which included millions of dollars in renovation work to improve our school facilities. At this time, however, we are asking for restraint. Our seniors will not see an increase in social security benefits this year, many residents have lost jobs in the financial sector and as yet have not found new ones, independent contractors have seen their business fall off as town residents tighten their belts. Everyone has made adjustments to make their income stretch further. WTP feels justified in expecting the same effort from those involved in our educational system.

Kate Daniello

We the People of Fairfield

Thank you

We want to thank all of the wonderful people who helped make the seventh Walk to "Stop the Cycle" of Cyclic Vomiting Syndrome, a success. The day would not have been possible without generous sponsors: The Barrett Family Foundation; Newman's Own; Rehabilitation Associates, Inc; Family Holistic Healthcare; Subway; Shirt Graphics; and Crystal Rock. Things would not have run so smoothly without the efficient volunteers that set up, registered walkers, and cleaned up. To date the walk has netted close to $19,500. Thank you to all the donors that have helped raise these funds that are so sorely needed. You have all contributed to making Kristin's dream come true, to raise awareness and funds for this horrendous disorder.

For more information about contributing to the CT Walk to "Stop the Cycle" of Cyclic Vomiting Syndrome, e-mail CVSWalk@msn.com or call 331-9123. For more information about Cyclic Vomiting Syndrome (CVS) go to cvsaonline.org or call (414) 342-7880.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts

Douglas, Laura, Jessica, and especially Kristin Koch


Ask for audit

Now is the time to ask that a functional audit of the Board of Education be performed. The goal is to find efficiencies that will enable the town to continue to provide the high quality education it is known for and provide assurances to the town's tax payers that the taxes they pay are being used wisely.

It is a unique opportunity to provide the new superintendent with additional tools to ensure a smooth and seamless transition.

This audit will provide information to the Board of Education to allow them to make financial decisions to improve the fiscal responsibility of the Board of Education. The Board of Education currently represents more than 56 percent of the town budget. This does not include the costs of new schools, renovations, or expansions.

This is a great first step to demonstrate to the taxpayers that our elected officials take very seriously the responsibility to use tax dollars prudently.

Martha Brooks