Missing Morley

I was shocked to read about the death of Mary Alice Morley. I got to know her a number of years ago when I first started dropping off an invoice at the finance office. I saw her recently at the Fairfield Museum and History Center`s Fall festival and peeked into the finance office last week to say hello, but she wasn`t there. I assumed she was away from her desk, evidently she was on vacation which is where I have learned she became ill. I am not surprised by the wonderful comments about her, she was a gem. Her office mates, a delightful and friendly group must feel the loss terribly.

Marcia Miner


How did they react?

Jim Brown`s recent letter regarding the RTM suggests that he doesn`t understand the role of the moderator. The moderator serves at the pleasure of the RTM. If a member of the public has a concern they would like the RTM to address they should contact their RTM representative. Mr. Brown, how did the Republican representatives of District 1 react to your request?

Tom Donaher


Put the guns down

With what I`ve seen of the handiwork of local hunters, I wouldn`t even consider legalizing a deer hunt in Fairfield.

In the beach area, I`ve walked by geese blasted against wire fences or carcasses with their rib cages filled with sand along the shoreline, where no one bothered to pick them up after shooting them.

On any given weekend during the hunting season, you can walk by local hunters firing away in the rocks along Sasco Beach or on the little peninsula at the end of Pine Creek--both clearly marked "No hunting."

Their decision to ignore the posted signs doesn`t inspire confidence in their judgment and responsibility. After all, they`re clad in fatigues and armed to the teeth and they`re defying a local law. Perhaps, it`s no worse than talking on a cell phone while driving a 3,500 pound vehicle, but it`s an act that gives you pause, non-the-less.

Occasionally I`ve come face-to-face with them on the trail as they walk back to their cars. Most are young men, some of them no doubt fortified with a beer or two. It`s not really the time to object to them being there in the first place. With reports of gunmen going berserk serving as regular staples of our news cycle, forgive me if I`m uneasy when I pass armed men in our open space and along our beaches. The weapons don`t encourage civil disagreement.

I`ll spare you the baloney about hunters being good men. I`m sure they are, but I`m not sure they`re good hunters. What`s the thrill of bringing down a bird in a town landfill or within shouting distance of a public beach? If they`re really serious, why not head up north where the animals have a real chance and the woods are deep enough to get lost in.

I can`t imagine giving hunters permission to open fire -- even for a brief time -- in Fairfield. Our open space is bordered by homes and is popular with hikers and dog walkers. It`s an accident or ugly confrontation waiting to happen.

The town definitely has a deer problem, but the deer aren`t necessarily the problem. Their proliferation is a reflection of a poor land ethic, suburban sprawl, and an environment out of balance. Shooting deer or coyotes or wild turkeys because they threaten our roads and gardens is not a great message to send to our kids or to one another. They live parallel lives in an environment that is not only hazardous to them but one that is increasing hostile to people of all ages who may like to walk, seek out open space or perhaps even search for a moment of silence in their local landscape.

Put the guns down and go back to the drawing board. That we could even think of it is unsettling. If we give hunters the license to shoot deer in our midst, we ultimately are training the sights on ourselves.

Brian Wallace


Good luck!

On Monday evening, Oct. 26, two groups of young people -- the Fairfield County Children`s Choir and the Cross Border Orchestra of Ireland presented an awe-inspiring program of music and song free of charge at Fairfield Woods Middle School. The enthusiasm was reflected by a little girl dancing gleefully to the true joy reflected by the demeanor and expressions of many senior citizens. The unpretentious and truly generous adults who were responsible for producing this program -- a young woman who founded the CBOI, Jon Noyes, the director of FCCC, the administration at Fairfield Woods Middle School, the parents who support their children`s efforts in the program and, last but not least, all the wonderful young performers, you have provided a wonderful and refreshing experience for all of us who were fortunate to have attended.

You are a true example of how giving of oneself affects the lives of so many others in such a positive way.

Good luck to you at Lincoln Center. I look forward to celebrating with you again.

Eileen Foran


Moral bankruptcy

of suburbia not fiction

Larcenists, extortionists, pedophiles, child pornographers, drug dealers, and assorted domestic abusers and alcoholics who threaten their neighbors with guns have all been pleased to call Fairfield home, and I`ve probably missed a few crimes. The reckless driving all over town should inevitably result in a few homicides.

However, I suspect these sociopaths and their families were left alone by their neighbors.

I, on the other hand, have never been charged with a crime but have been harassed by sociopaths for years: trespassing, vandalism, including beer cans thrown through my windows, stalking, honking at all hours of the day and night, untold amounts of garbage thrown on my property, and defamation of character to ensure that this low-level mob violence is perpetuated. And I have the police reports to document these incidents.

Nothing justifies torturing another human being, inflicting permanent damage on the property that pays the taxes that pay for the schools or stalking a woman at night for sport.

I have never seen behavior like this anywhere else I`ve lived, and the exposure of this criminal behavior is long overdue. If these thugs want to hurt someone, I suggest they enlist, but that would take courage, and this lot are cowards.

Recently, a large guy on a woman`s bike drove it into me while making idiot sounds -- other than my name. Whew. Mean and stupid are always joined at the hip, but this town gives these conjoined twins family values.

If I should be harmed, and there have been some close calls, my family is aware of every previous incident: date, time, license plate and details. The misogyny and moral bankruptcy of suburbia are not fiction.

Mary Galgota