Letters to the editor

Thank a teacher

There is an old adage that states: "If you can read this - thank a teacher." Well, after Monday, October 26th, every citizen in the Town of Fairfield should stop and thank a teacher for yet another reason. By ratifying a contract with a zero salary, zero step increase for the year 2010/2011, Fairfield's teachers have demonstrated their selfless commitment to the children of our community. Make no mistake; this outcome required significant sacrifice from our teachers and their families. It will enable the school district to maintain smaller class sizes, programs and services for its students. There should be no question about our teachers' willingness to be part of the solution during these difficult economic times.

Thanks should also go to Marilyn Feranec (FEA president), Pam Iacono (Board of Education), and Bob Bellitto (Board of Finance) for demonstrating to our community how mutual respect, professionalism, and transparency -- all integral parts of good government -- can produce remarkable results such as the landmark contract agreed to by Fairfield's teachers and Fairfield's Board of Education.

Tim Kery


Shared sacrifice

We the People of Fairfield (WTP) are grateful that the teachers have accepted a salary and step freeze for fiscal 20010-11 as part of their two-year contract.

Your understanding of the need for tax relief is important to the residents of Fairfield.

Given the current economy where:

"¢ Seniors will receive no increase in Social Security benefits.

"¢ Many residents have lost their jobs in the financial sector.

"¢ Many of us employed in the private sector have received no raise in 2009.

"¢ Independent contractors have seen the first work shortage in years.

This newly negotiated contract shows that the teachers are willing to have a shared sacrifice. The gesture speaks volumes to WTP and the community as a whole. In fiscal 2010-2011, WTP is again calling for the teachers and the administrators to take a salary freeze. The teachers have already met this request, we hope the administrators will do the same as they negotiate their new contract.

Kate Daniello, Bob Forcellina, Joe Witko, John Kubik,

We the People of Fairfield