Letters to the editor

Thank you, veterans

Thanks you, veterans!

All of you sacrificed yourselves to serve in those wars.

And all of you had a chance of being killed and some of you were.

You were brave and had courage to leave your families and go to war.

But all of you helped us be safe and get freedom when those wars were going on, and some of you are fighting in wars now.

Thank you so so soooo much!

Alison Cantor, age 9,


The greatest honor

for veterans

On Veteran's Day our newspapers publish editorials, articles and letters praising the "greatest generation." Impressive, elaborate memorials have been constructed in cities and towns to memorialize a bloody nightmare that ended 63 years ago?

Among holiday celebrations, parades, bands, balloons, political speeches and cookouts we have failed to learn a most important lesson.

Veterans have no interest in holidays, parades or cold, granite memorials. They fight to live for the privilege of returning home ... to work at a job with a decent salary that makes it possible for them to buy a car, get married, own a home, see their children grow up healthy and happy.

To honor veterans we must putting aside our destructive fear, hate and prejudice, end war, live in peace.

Dick De Witt,

WWII Veteran,


DOT and Conservancy should work together

Driving on the Merritt Parkway in Fairfield and Trumbull a few days ago I was shocked by the Department of Transportation's (DOT) extensive clear cutting of mature trees, which was covered in the Fairfield Citizen on Nov. 4. Prior to writing this letter, I also read the Merritt Parkway Conservancy's Web site, to which I was directed by the Citizen article.

I am disappointed that the DOT has removed such a large number of trees at one time from the Merritt Parkway, a beautiful and historic roadway. I am even more dismayed, however, at the DOT's apparent reluctance to work in close collaboration with the conservancy on this issue. Voluntary organizations such as the Merritt Parkway Conservancy are one means through which people work to improve their communities. Citizens should not have to plead with state agencies to work cooperatively with such organizations.

In light of the Merritt Parkway's recent addition to the World Monument Watch List, which is an embarrassment for Connecticut, I strongly encourage the DOT to work with the Merritt Parkway Conservancy, and its professional consultants, on the appropriate replanting of the trees and shrubs to replace those that have been removed. Sensitivity is required in the placement of the plant materials to restore the parkway to its unique bucolic character, which unfortunately has been severely damaged in parts of Fairfield and Trumbull. The best result will be achieved only if the DOT and the conservancy work together to restore the Parkway.

Thomas Dailey


Thank you, voters

Thank you to the voters of District 1 for your tremendous show of support and vote last week at the polls. I take your groundswell of support as a mandate to be your independent voice on the Representative Town Meeting, to make decisions that best serve your interests, not a political party, and to help lead our town to a bright future.

I have lived in Fairfield nearly my entire life, and I have a deep affection for it, and a strong commitment to our town. I pledge to hold the line on unnecessary spending, advocate for long-term planning solutions, to work in earnest to keep our seniors and retirees in town and to bring transparency to our government. I will be proactive, not reactive.

Thank you very much. Together, we can make our town better than ever.

I look forward to serving you during my term.

Should you have questions or something you would like to discuss, please feel free to call me at 424-0024.

David M. Becker


Looking forward

Thank you everyone for all your support, your hard work and for your vote. I promise you that I will work hard to earn the confidence you have bestowed on me.

I want to thank a few people, all volunteers, whose amazing hard work and commitment were part of the driving force that made our win possible.

Renee Sullivan, our Treasurer. She jumped in to our already rolling campaign without missing beat and quickly learned all the complicated finance rules and kept our ducks in row. Thank you so much, Renee.

A big thank you to Jessica Gerber, our terrific PR person did a fantastic job of keeping us in the press with interesting articles, press releases, and did a super job coordinating a great machine of letters to the editor, which helped create a wave of momentum approaching Election Day.

And then there is Johanna Farrell, my Campaign Manager. You can't get luckier than I did in finding just an all around great person to drive your campaign. Johanna is smart, sharp, dedicated and driven. And best of all she is grounded with a great sense of humor, and boy is that important during a campaign. She has been such an inspiration and a huge part of why we won. I just can't thank you enough, Johanna, for all of your time and commitment and friendship.

A special thanks to Sue Brand and Matt Merchant, I also want to thank Richard Jacobs, Cristin McCarthy Vahey, Devon Pfeifer, Judy Ewing, Tom Drew, Kim Fawcett and Mitch Fuchs and all of the DTC for all their strong and continued support.

And of course I want to thank my very patient and very loving wife, Susanna, and my two fantastic boys, who were always there for me.

Finally, I want to thank all of you. You who voted for me, threw me "Coffees," wrote letters, placed sign on your lawns, made donations, my friends and family, fellow parents and citizens of this great town of ours. You made this campaign happen. The best part of this campaign experience has been working with and meeting people from all over Fairfield -- Democrats and Republicans, seniors, parents and children. I have never met a more kind, friendly and optimistic group of people and you inspire me to public service.

I, too, am optimistic. I believe together, as one town, we can make the changes necessary to make our schools better and I am looking forward to the challenges we face. I look forward to working with you. I look forward to hearing your ideas and concerns that affect our schools and our town. I look forward to serving all of you as a member of Fairfield's Board of Education.

Perry Liu


Turkey Shoot turnout

The Roger Ludlowe Middle School (RLMS) PTSA would like to thank all the participants, sponsors, donors and volunteers involved with the 3rd Annual RLMS Turkey Shoot. The weather couldn't have been better and we all felt so lucky to have played a great round of golf on a great day, on a great course and with such great community-spirit.

It was truly remarkable to see the wonderful turnout and witness the overwhelming generosity of our town.

We would like to give a personal shout-out to our sponsors:

Thank you A. Anastasio Fence Company for participating in this year's Turkey Shoot. Thank you Flipside Restaurant for your enthusiasm. Thank you United Carting for joining us again this year. Thank you Doughnut Inn for providing the donuts and hot beverages for the second straight year. Thank you Mercedes Benz of Fairfield for donating the "weekend car" raffle. Thank you once again to Frame & Save for your gift bag contributions. Thank you Golfer's Warehouse for providing the Hole-in-One Challenge.

In addition to these sponsors, we also had a large number of donors this year and I would like to recognize them all. And they are: A&S Italian Deli, Avellino's Restaurant, Bagel King of Fairfield, Barber Serville, the Batting Cage, Billy's Bakery, Blinn's, the Bridgeport Bluefish, Bright Nails, CJ's Deli, Colton Joshua Hair Salon, Country Cow Deli, Dailey's Flower Shop, Dairy Queen, Dragon 168, GQ Shoe Repair, Gyro Grill, Entrée's Made Easy, Fairfield Café, Fairfield Center Jewelers, the First Tee Program, Flori's Spa & Nail Salon, Golf Galaxy, Hair Time, Las Vetas, Kennedy Studios, Lake Compounce, Marsillo's, Merry Maids, Michael Anthony's Barber Shop, Michele Anthony's Salon, Mrs. Green's Natural Market, Nail 2000, Nauti Dolphin, Oliver Nurseries, Osianna Restaurant, Pazzo Pizza, Penfield Service Center, Penny's Diner, Pine Creek Deli, Posh Nail, Rawley's Hot Dog, R.C. Bigelow, Roly Poly, Seasons Buffet, Sikorsky Financial Credit Union, Soccer Post, Steffano's Restaurant, Sazardon Salon, Shindy Nails, the Sound Tigers, Super Discount, The Pantry, Tracey Nails, Trader Joe's, Trendsetters, Tucker's Restaurant, Village Bagels of Fairfield, and Wired Wash. Wow. We are so grateful.

We would also like to thank all of the volunteers for their contributions: Mr. Glenn Mackno, Principal of Roger Ludlowe Middle School; Mr. Jeffrey Swiatowicz, Assistant Principal of Roger Ludlowe Middle School; the devoted and caring RLMS administrative staff (Ms. Barbara Milet, Ms. Molly Velky, and Ms. Jen Eriksen); Johanna Estevez, RLMS Art teacher; the entire Fairfield Golf Commission; Mr. Jim Alexander, Golf Manager; Mr. Gerry Lombardo, Director of the Fairfield Parks & Rec; all the cashiers at the Par 3 Course; Mr. Randy Taylor of the First Tee Program; Mr. Doc Coombs of Signs for Success; the Andrews family; the Frillici family; the Mihaylo family; and the Money family. Their combined efforts made this event possible.

Thank you everyone. And I can't wait to see you at next year's fourth annual Turkey Shoot.

Nicole Cassidy,

RLMS PTSA VP, Communications,