Hwang health care vote

betrays small businesses

One thing that really bothers me is when politicians send mixed messages about who they are and what they really care about -- hypocrisy at its finest.

State Rep. Tony Hwang, R-134th District, was at it again earlier this month when voting on health-care reform for small business owners in Connecticut. He voted against a bill that would finally allow small businesses and independent contractors, such as real estate agents, access to affordable, quality health insurance rates.

The bill is a top priority for many small businesses and self-employed people, including us members of the Fairfield Board of Realtors, who struggle to afford quality coverage for our families.

It would accomplish this by opening the state health insurance plan that is already negotiated to small business owners and independent contractors such as we. Not only would we have access to quality insurance plans and stabilized rates, but the bill would increase rate competition and help drive everyone's health-care cost down.

Rep. Hwang is a Realtor and is constantly presenting himself as someone who is on our side, yet when it came time to vote for us, he stuck with the partisan party line and voted against his constituents back home.

Real advocacy means standing up to the political pressures and fighting for the people who elect you. Politics is voting to keep your leadership happy. Rep. Hwang is consistently too focused on taking a "photo op" for himself as he pretends to work for us in Hartford. One good thing: Tony and his family have access to the same state health insurance plan that he so readily denies us as independent contractors.

Bob Stone


Tell town officials

to stop spending

Here we go again Fairfield. Open up your wallets! The town wants to spend more money again. They say we really, really, really need a new library. We are still paying for the old one, but gee, we can't fix it up. We have to tear it down and start anew. Maybe if we can get enough money from the taxpayers, we could side the building in gold veneer; no more copper for us!

Fairfield citizens: We have to let our voices be heard. We have had enough of spending and higher taxes every year. Call your RTM reps and call your first selectman. He works for you. Tell them we have had enough!

Joan Fortuna

Joyce Pierz