Letters to the editor: A President making history; Support of RCBO; Easy to love Fairfield

A President

making history

To the editor:

President Trump is a major American-experience-milestone and he will be in the history books.

We have just witnessed an American tragedy. President Trump just tied to foist a nitwit campaign promise on our country without the normal Congressional hearings, expert witnesses, and the well-thought-out-balancing-act needed to find the best mix of goals, projects, and funding. These are the steps that any sensible business man would take to reach the next logical stage in improving border security and tackling the major problems in immigration system enforcement and reform.

What is wrong with the President?

Let me be frank. President Trump is not working as an institutional president or leader. He has not assembled a team and made that team work to sort through our problems and come up with the best solutions for our country. He is not able to ask about the history, talk about ideas, and make his team bring up solutions that would pass common-sense-muster in our Congress. He is unable to synthesize complex issues, be patient, and work to find the best gain with the least loss in a country and government now 200+ years into it.

The President is living in a distorted universe in which his long-held notions and prejudices are rigid and not to be challenged or you are out. He lives inside his campaign speech scripts. He believes that the election and the power of the Presidency is all he needs to bully his ideas onto America. He has no trusted savvy advisors and cannot draw in new talent.

You must ask is President Trump a “one-trick-pony” who gamed the system to get elected? Should the American people say “you are fired?” The weight of the evidence and his baggage say yes.

In a nutshell, he has ardent supporters who ignore his bluster and immense stream of false and misleading claims and counter attacks. He talks to these to get cheers but what is glaring is his blatant ignorance when it comes to climate change, world trade, alliances, and threats, the need to educate and nurture our people, ensure a good US health care system, and rebuild old and build-out new infrastructure.

Two-thirds of America says that one-third of America has it wrong and that President Trump’s Presidency is not sustainable.

Ken Camarro


Support of RCBO

To the editor:

I fully support the proposed Reusable Checkout Bag Ordinance (the “RCBO”). Given Fairfield’s historic roots, environmental riches and diverse but uniformly civic minded businesses and residents, it is almost incomprehensible that a ban on single use bags has not been enacted previously.

We should have been among the first adopters of a ban on bags that have utility for approximately 20 minutes. We were not. Indeed, more than 350 municipalities throughout the US and countries that include England, Australia, Burma, Rwanda, India and Mexico have already enacted similar legislation.

Plastic, unlike any of us, is immortal. It breaks down into particles, but never truly decomposes. Given our ample natural resources of woods, beaches, lakes and ocean, we must make a concerted effort to protect those resources for ourselves, as well as for our future generations. Our country’s founding fathers did just fine before the “convenience” of single use bags. So did the fathers and mothers of most of us. So will we.

Let us, the people of the aptly named town of Fairfield, put single use bags — like smoking in restaurants — behind us. Let us focus, refocus and expand upon the things that benefit, not destroy, our community: greater economic drivers of growth, educational excellence, senior retention efforts and exceptional involvement.

Please join me in my support of the RCBO, which is both overdue and timely.

Kerry E. Berchem, RTM District 8


Easy to love Fairfield

To the editor:

It’s easy to like Fairfield; it’s easier still to love it. Whenever one of our sons talks about buying a one-floor home in a North-West corner of Litchfield County, near the New York, Massachusetts lines, my wife shakes her head, Never!

We are both in our late eighties. We have a nice home, six bedrooms. Our adult children in their retirement could divide the house into their own areas, one each, reserving the extra-large kitchen, living room and two work rooms and basement as common areas to enjoy, communally.

Hopefully, the area will remain as a welcoming habitat deer, and other small transients for as long as natural easements allow them to wander through.

The schools are good as long as they remain in responsible hands. The Town is good for as long as the State does not overzealously dictate this and that.

We ought all to be in favor of a fair minimum wage. Towns ought not be so restrictive as to deny a $15.00 minimum wage, or, how else are minimum wage earners ever going to pay off their college tuition, heh! Heh! A spoof on Scott Shepard, whoever he is.

Finally, the town ought not ban plastic bags, but let them not fly in the wind for fear a dog might choke in one while getting at the tasty treat in it wherever the bag lands.

G. Coulombe