Letters to the editor: Fairfielders lend support to various candidates

Supporting McCarthy Vahey for reelection

To the editor: I’m writing this letter to support Cristin McCarthy Vahey’s campaign for re-election as the state representative for the 133rd District. It is my absolute pleasure to do so.

I’ve known Cristin for more than a decade. We met entirely outside the world of politics. After being introduced by mutual friends, I began to run into her in multiple arenas: Volunteering through the PTA and community organizations, attending our children’s school concerts, at church, at social gatherings, and often while simply walking around our neighborhood. Over time, our acquaintance grew into a friendship based on shared experiences, values, concerns, and hopes for our community.

I am incredibly grateful to have Cristin as a representative of Fairfield in Hartford (for the record, I don’t live in her district but I have had many, many discussions with her on important issues as they relate to our town in the state. She is always willing to make time to respond, and is patient, thoughtful, and prepared). In an era when many of our local politicians seem like professional campaigners, Cristin is anything but. She is one of us: A mom, a wife, a concerned citizen called to share her time and talents in the service of our community. Cristin truly lives out her values — education, economic equality, human services — in both her personal and legislative endeavors.

Most recently (pre-COVID shutdown) I was privileged to attend a session run by Cristin on recognizing and addressing suicide through a simple intervention called QPR: Question, Persuade, Refer. A social worker with an MSW degree, Cristin is a certified suicide prevention trainer and has volunteered to teach it. This is the type of person I want representing Fairfield. We are fortunate to have her.

Nicole Stanton


Vote for a social worker who knows how to handle complex issues

To the editor:

Social workers are trained to sit with the uncomfortable and work through complex and fraught issues, carefully considering all perspectives and acting after a thorough analysis. As a social worker myself I can think of no better training or background to serve as a legislator. We are so fortunate in Fairfield to have this skill set in Rep. Cristin McCarthy Vahey.

Time and again Cristin has demonstrated empathy, understanding, listening, and thoughtful consideration before acting on important legislation. She is not afraid to act on what is right and just, even in the face of criticism. This is both in her nature and part of her professional training.

I am involved in Collective Impact work which is rooted in bringing together cross-sector partners to work collaboratively toward solutions to complex social issues. Cristin has been a champion of Collective Impact work because she understands that it’s the only way to tackle the challenges we face as a community, state, and nation. She brings a holistic lens which is so critical to long-term, forward thinking.

We need more legislators like Cristin who will work across party lines and who will continue to be a voice for all, especially the most vulnerable among us.

During these tremendously difficult and unprecedented times, we need Cristin’s continued thoughtful and measured leadership more than ever. On Nov. 3, please join me in voting for Cristin McCarthy Vahey as state representative for the 133rd District.

Jennifer Barahona


Volpe provides education expertise

To the editor:

Education is always an important issue in our communities, but the coronavirus pandemic has brought into sharp detail how vital it is to have a robust public school system that can service all children equitably.

Even in wealthy communities throughout the state, school districts are struggling to safely provide adequate technology, special education services, and meaningful instruction to their students.

Currently, only seven of our 151 members of the state House are teachers. Education is the number one statewide expenditure in Connecticut, and not surprisingly, it’s also the largest percentage of Fairfield’s budget. With the start of the new school year, our local and state elected officials are making crucial decisions about our children’s education.

Carla Volpe is running for state representative in the 134th District, which covers part of Fairfield and Trumbull. She grew up in Fairfield and now lives in Trumbull with her family. Carla has been a public school teacher for 15 years in Bridgeport, Trumbull, and now Derby. She is also part of the Trumbull Arts Commission and has deep roots in both towns in the 134th

Now, more than ever, it’s vital to have someone with an education background and real classroom experience represent us in Hartford. Carla cares about strong public schools that serve all children in the community. Please join me in voting for Carla Volpe for state representative on Nov. 3.

Erin Lopez


McCarthy Vahey is for smart planning, sustainable solutions

To the editor:

We enthusiastically support the reelection of Cristin McCarthy Vahey for state representative in the 133rd District. Cristin has been a dedicated supporter of smart planning to enable safe and healthy communities and economic development.

She supported the adoption of Fairfield’s Complete Streets Policy which helps the town address the needs of all users of our roads — pedestrians, transit riders, people of all abilities, bicyclists, as well as automobiles. She has introduced legislation at the state level which has resulted in the passage of laws which make our roads safer for all, including improvements for pedestrians trying to cross safely at intersections, and for proper, safer separation between motorists and pedestrians and bicyclists.

Lastly, Cristin has advocated for environmental issues which help our community and state become healthier and more economically viable. She works tirelessly for cleaner and more sustainable energy solutions, and has actively backed efforts to support our natural environment.

We urge your support too, as she continues to advocate for our community.

Laura OBrien

Vice Chair Fairfield Bicycle & Pedestrian Committee

William N. Pollack


I support Cristin McCarthy Vahey

To the editor:

I urge residents of the 133rd General Assembly District to reelect Cristin McCarthy Vahey as our representative. My perspective is formed as a longtime Fairfield resident, and from my past roles as Representative Town Meeting member, chairman of the Fairfield Ethics Commission and in-house counsel at a large Connecticut business.

We need someone in Hartford who listens with respect, has the experience to make government work for our needs, acts with the highest integrity, and makes the right choices, even if that puts her at odds with others in her party. I first saw these qualities in Cristin when I served with her in the RTM, and I am happy that she has maintained them as she advanced in seniority in the General Assembly.

I have been particularly pleased with her efforts to protect the economic viability of Connecticut with her work on the Transportation Committee. Tough choices need to be made, and we need someone like Cristin who understands complicated issues and makes decisions for a vibrant economy that provides opportunities for everyone.

A pandemic was not one of our top worries when we last reelected Cristin. Yet that is our current reality. I cannot predict all of the issues that will arise over the next two years, but I am confident that Cristin will approach each one the concern, compassion and energy that she demonstrated in her excellent response to the COVID-19 crisis.

It is important we all vote in this year's election, regardless of who you support. I hope you will join me in voting for Cristin McCarthy Vahey as our state representative.

Christopher J. Brogan